tad williams

  1. D


    Well my copy arived this morning, which was a pleasant surprise as i had got it into my head it was due out on the 6th. :) Still, it's put a slight spanner in the works as i started re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire a couple of weeks ago with an aim to finish in time for a quick re-read of...
  2. R

    Caliban's Hour

    I managed to track down a copy of the novel Caliban's Hour by Tad Williams and I am quite excited to read it. I also got a hold of the 2nd book in his Otherland series, River of Blue fire. So I guess I am going to be reading Tad's work for the next few weeks. :D Rahl
  3. Alurny

    Tad Williams

    Hello Everyone! I have not posted for a long while as I been trying to sort out my internet connection in my new house! I was just wondering if anyone had read anything by this author? I just picked up "the war of the flowers" and I'm about 200 pages in. It's fantastic so far a nice twist on...
  4. Amerasu

    illustrations from Williams' books

    hi! Is there a site where I can find some illustrations from his books? mostly Memory,Sorrow and Thorn? thanks
  5. Frozeninja

    Where to start?

    Right, I want to read something of Tad William's, as i've seen a lot of good reviews on him around. But can anyone help me out in where I should start? I was thinking of starting with Memory, Sorrow and Thorn but as i'm unsure when i'll get around to reading anymore of his work I thought i'd ask...
  6. L

    !Xabbu (in the series Otherland)

    !Xabbu (in the series Otherland) is a bushmen, and in school we are currently learning about the bushmen. I got the impression that the Bushmen were nomadic hunter-gatherers, and that they still lived the way their ancestors did, out in the Kalahari desert. In the book, !Xabbu has come to learn...
  7. G

    Tad Williams has his own official site

    Here you go folks http://www.tadwilliamsonline.com/
  8. Animaiden

    Burning Man

    Has anybody read this? It's a graphic novel written by Tad Williams. It's in a book together with The Wood Boy by Raymond Feist. I am thinking of getting it, but wanted to know how it was first.
  9. R

    Took a long time but I finally....

    I finally was able to finish the complete series of Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. I started this series in the late 80's with To Green Angel Tower parts 1 and 2 then this year bought The Dragonbone Chair and The Stone of Farewell so it was mostly backwards. I have to say if Lord of the Rings had...
  10. O

    Shadowmarch.com down?

    Does anyone else have problems with the offical Shadowmarch.com site? I can't reach it since yesterday.
  11. R

    The War of Flowers

    I was at a store in Vancouver the other day and they had The War of Flowers on sale for 6.99, hard cover! I should a bought it but I had a few other books in my basket already and was a bit over my budget. So my question is should I go back and buy it anyway? How good is it? It seemed to be sort...
  12. GOLLUM

    Tad Williams/Raymond E Feist Comic

    Hi all...:D I know Rune recently brought up a question I think either here or on her own site about the short stories The Wood Boy (Rayomnd E Feist from his Riftwar saga) and The Burnning Man (Tad Williams from his Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy) and their appearance in the Legends fantasy...
  13. rune

    Bibliography - Tad Williams

    Here is a list of the published works by Tad Williams :) Hope it's helpful for any of his fans here and please do add on any further information you hear about his books :D Series Memory, Sorrow and Thorn 1. The Dragonbone Chair (1988) 2. The Stone of Farewell (1990) 3. To Green Angel...
  14. D


    I once tried to read one of his books, but could never get past the first chapter~ This is probably the wrong place to ask if they're any good... I guess I wasn't concentrating at the time:cool:
  15. Tsujigiri

    Child of an Ancient City

    Has anyone in here read 'Child of an Ancient City' the novella that Williams wrote with Nina Kiriki Hoffman? If so, what did you think. My girlfriend brought the book home and I was very pleasantly surprised by it.
  16. Neon

    Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn series

    I've never read any of Tad Williams, but have read good reviews about him. I'm considering the purchase of the Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn series .... is this a good one to read? Also, are there any books/series that I should read first as a prelude to this series?
  17. dwndrgn

    Shadowmarch, Tad Williams

    Shadowmarch by Tad Williams Shadowmarch is the first volume of a new epic fantasy trilogy by the author of the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy and Otherland series. There are three basic settings for the action of this book; Southmarch, the kingdom who's king Olin is being held for ransom...
  18. rune

    Stand Alone's

    Has Williams written a lot of stand alone books? I read War of the Flowers last year and thought it was one of better works. His series tend to be very heavy going :(
  19. dwndrgn

    Tad Williams' "Shadowmarch"

    I'm so excited (even while being a little nervous about the storm) because I just signed up to get previews of Tad Williams' latest book, "Shadowmarch". Since I've liked his previous fantasies, I'm feeling that I'll enjoy this one. I promise to let you guys know how it goes.
  20. dwndrgn

    Tad Williams

    He's got a book coming out in November and this is the link to his website: http://www.shadowmarch.com Has anyone read War of The Flowers? It sounds interesting, I may have to see if the library has it.