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  1. Darth Angelus

    Question about Amerasu and her magical abilities?

    Hello, long time no see! I posted this question over at Tad Williams's forum, so I thought I might post it here as well. First off, a disclaimer. It was over twenty years since I read Memory, Sorrow and Thorn in its entirety. However, I have looked up certain key scenes in far more recent...
  2. Brian G Turner

    Tad Williams in the Guardian

    A nice feature on Tad Williams in the Guardian: Tropes, trolls and Trump: the fantasy writer who inspired George RR Martin
  3. Werthead

    The Last King of Osten Ard by Tad Williams

    The Heart of What Was Lost by Tad Williams
  4. Carolyn Hill

    More of The Dragonbone Chair

    At the Silicon Valley Comic Con this past weekend, Tad announced that he's writing more in The Dragonbone Chair series. Participants in the audience squealed in delight (yes, literally squealed).
  5. Fedos

    Just finished Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn for the First Time (spoilers marked)

    This series turned out to be pretty good. I've attempted to finish it over the years a few times but never got to book two; this time I was determined, no matter how many pages To Green Angel Tower has. I suppose one thing that stood out for me is that the series ended on an explosive note...
  6. J

    Memory, Sorrow and Thorn on Kindle

    So, recently, this series has become available for Kindle on Amazon UK, which pleases me greatly as I have been wanting to get the Kindle version for ages. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tad-Williams/e/B000AQ3HBI/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1443387648&sr=1-1 Just one thing- this is three parts, and in...
  7. R

    The Last King of Osten Ard

    Good news! Tad is returning to the world of Osten Ard with another book which will feature Simon and Miriamele after 30 years of marriage and ruling as King and Queen... Tad Returns to Osten Ard with THE LAST KING OF OSTEN ARD | Tad Williams
  8. Toby Frost

    Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams

    The four books* that make up the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Quartet (MST) were published between 1988 and 1993, and now seem like a half-way point between the relative jollity of authors such as David Eddings and the dung-spattered misery of the modern “grimdark” writers, in particular George R R...
  9. Matteo

    Memory, Sorrow and Thorn - book covers

    Just finished reading this and thoroughly enjoyed it. If I were to be critical I would say that it could have been "tighter" (though it didn't necessarily drag, it came close in parts) and the ending was a little easy. Anyway, that's not why I'm posting. Has anyone else realised the...
  10. biodroid

    Bobby Dollar series

    I am currently reading The Dirty Streets of Heaven and really enjoying it so far. I am almost 50% through. The story is about Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons, working "together" to judge dearly departed souls before being sent off into Hevane or Hell or Purgatory. Until one day a soul goes...
  11. A

    Outer Night

    This concept was huge in War of the Flowers. Then it got a few mentions throughout Shadowmarch. Spoilers for another book, one you haven't read yet I'm sure I'm reading through Dirty Streets and Bobby's fighting something from it... Is this just Tad using the same concept in several stories or...
  12. Werthead

    The Bobby Dollar series by Tad Williams

    Bobby Dollar #1: The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams
  13. Nerds_feather

    Memory, Sorrow, Thorn after Song of Ice and Fire

    Memory, Sorrow, Thorn (M,S,T) is well-known to be a pivotal influence on GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire (SoIaF). I noticed this myself when I started Game of Thrones, and it made me happy, because M,S,T was one of my favorite pre-SoIaF epic fantasy series. However, I'm curious: what was reading...
  14. J

    A Turgid Wade

    Those OTHERLAND books are large volumes and rather murky as to contents. I'd say anyone who has managed all of them has had quite a trip.
  15. I

    Should I keep Going?

    So I just finished Shadowmarch, and while there's a lot to like about it, I just haven't been able to get into it. While it's well constructed and the writings pretty good, I just find pretty much all the characters irritating and the setting is soooooo familiar... Anyone care to make the...
  16. Grimward


    Shadowrise is available for order, and my copy should be here early next week. Now, what was the story about again?:o:D
  17. O

    Tad`s new series of noir fantasy thrillers

    This just in from yesterday's Publishers Marketplace: Tad Williams's SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGMENT DAY, HAPPY HOUR IN HELL, and ANGELS RUSH IN, a new urban fantasy series about an afterlife investigator, who searches for a missing soul and finds himself caught in a battle much larger than he...
  18. Grimward

    The Dragons of Ordinary Farm - Speculation and Commentary

    Well, Tad's website and Amazon indicate that The Dragons of Ordinary Farm is to be released in June (Amazon says June 2, Tad says June 9 for US, Aug. 9 for the UK). Can't tell whether this is a Young Adults book or not yet, but Tad's stuff is (to me) almost always good. Looking forward to it.....
  19. Who's Wee Dug

    Desert Island Books

    Just copied from the BFS website.:D Desert Island Books: Tad Williams Written by Tad Williams Monday, 02 March 2009 00:43 I am assuming (perhaps erroneously) that the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare are provided, as in the radio program. If not, I’m afraid I would have to select...
  20. soulsinging

    Williams's comment on Tolkien?

    I've been reading a few reviews of MS&T online and I've seen a few of them mention the fact that Williams viewed the series as something of a comment upon or refinement of LOTR. Clearly, there are plot parallels, but I was wondering if anyone knows anything more about this? I got the impression...