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  1. Susan Boulton

    Event at Stafford Shire Hall Library.

    On the 9th May I will be at the Stafford Shire Hall library from 11.00am until noon. (longer if more folks turn up ;) ) The library have been superb. I spent most of my lunch time speaking to the communications department of Staffordshire Council. They are doing a full press release for the...
  2. Susan Boulton

    Reflections on Eastercon 2015

    I have been attending the BSFA convention known at Eastercon for ten years now. The first time I attended was in Glasgow back in 2006. I was persuaded to go by an author I had met online, Deborah J Miller. I didn’t know it then but Debbie would become a good friend, who would encourage...
  3. Susan Boulton

    Events; or where you will find me.

    This thread is for events I will be attending, or taking part in. Stafford Library 11.00am Saturday 9th May. Signing and reading in a meet the author session. More details to follow. Edge-Lit 4 Derby 11th July One day convention run by Mr Alex Davis (applause)...
  4. Susan Boulton

    An interesting article on women writers of SF and F

    Seems the general press are finally taking notice that women can write SF and F and write it damn well.
  5. Susan Boulton

    Nathan Hystad interviews me about Oracle and other things.

    Just gone up, my interview with Nathan.
  6. Susan Boulton

    Oracle on Goodreads.

    The slow build is working!
  7. Susan Boulton

    Reviews of Oracle on Amazon.

    Two reviews of Oracle up on Amazon. Very pleased with both of them.
  8. Hex

    Oracle by Susan Boulton [spoilers]

    Many spoilers! This book is very clever, which is to say (in part) that it demands a fair bit of attention from the reader in order to follow what's going on and who's doing what. This isn't a bad thing: the world is rich, the politics interesting, and the author doesn't patronise the reader...
  9. Gary Compton

    Oracle by Susan Boulton makes a good start...

    Susan Boulton's Oracle is #38 in Fantasy on Amazon UK at this moment in time. happy days.
  10. Hex

    Oracle -- Susan Boulton

    I've just started reading Oracle, and I'm so impressed. I love Sue's voice and I love the way she opens the story. ... It was a storm of gun flashes and bright swords, broken promises and murder. It does exactly what I like in an opening: it persuades me that the writer knows exactly what...
  11. Susan Boulton

    Oracle now available on Amazon.

    Oracle is now available as an ebook on Amazon. And of course as a paperback from my superb publisher. And a big hug and thank you to my publisher, Gary, and his mighty...
  12. Gary Compton

    Oracle by Susan Boulton - Press Release

    Susan has the unusual distinction of arriving into this world 200 yards from where, 37 years before, Tolkien spent time thinking about hobbits. Perhaps that explains her love for, and interest in, the genre. Married with two grown up daughters, Oracle, a gaslight Fantasy, is her first novel...
  13. Susan Boulton

    With regards to my novel, Oracle.

    I must say, Gary, you have done my book proud with the superb cover, not to mention the wonderful editing, and endless support.
  14. Susan Boulton


    My short story "Jac" (A twist on Jack the Ripper) sold to the ezine The Dark Ficton Spotlight. It will be in their October issue. Most chuffed!!:D:D
  15. Susan Boulton

    Another sale.*grin*

    Flash fiction story "Sabre-Tooth" sold to AlienSkin Mag and it will be in their February-March issue. This must be a record. I have sold three shorts in the last five months....:D
  16. Susan Boulton

    Flash Fiction

    Flash fiction story, Softly Play the pipes will be in the January editon of Golden Visions Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy :D:D:D
  17. Susan Boulton

    Short story to be in the Ruthless Peoples Magazine

    My short story "The Dance" will be published on the 28th August in RPM issue 08 - Wild Life, of the Ruthless Peoples Magazine. Quite chuffed!
  18. Susan Boulton

    Eureka Moment

    A eureka moment. Does anyone else have this happen in their writing? A single moment when you find a character or plot line that is the one element that will draw all the strands of the story together. I have been working on an outline for a new novel. I had my main theme/plot line. I knew or...
  19. Susan Boulton

    Flashspec Volume two

    The flash fiction story I sold earlier in the year has just been published. FlashSpec Anthology - Volume Two Now awaiting for the first reviews for the book to come in. Gulp!
  20. Susan Boulton

    Thoughts and opinions welcomed.

    I am at present 4/5ths done with the first draft of my latest effort. Unlike my other attempts I am using a real time and places as the backdrop for my story. Certain events did happen, certain places did and some still do exist. Other elements are totally fictional. Out of this has come a...