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    Oracle moving back up in Kindle.

    Oracle's on the move up again in the Kindle Store.. :) #160 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > Fantasy #318 in Books > Fiction > Romance > Gothic
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    Oracle: Susan J Boulton, Teresa Edgerton, Sam Primeau: 9780992907761: Books Have you read Oracle? Would you like to read it? If the answer is yes to either, then a honest review, good, bad or ugly on Amazon or Goodreads would be wonderful.
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    Events 2016

    So far I am attending the following conventions in the coming year and will be doing panels, hopefully at all of them. Mancunicon - Eastercon 2016 EDGE LIT 5 Home Fantasycon 2016
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    Christmas Money.

    If you are looking for something to spend the pennies your Auntie gave you for Christmas, on? Tickety Boo Shop
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    Amazon rankings

    Just outside the top 100, in the one listing, this has come as a bit shock to me. :D:cool: #137 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > Fantasy #227 in Books > Fiction > Romance > Gothic
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    Runs in the family.

    This is a link to my eldest daughter's first published piece. Very proud of her. It's a series she is doing for a New Zealand art/culture/style site. Chris also writes a damn good blog...
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    Fantasycon 2015 Panel.

    On the 23rd October... My first ever panel at a Con. And looking at who are my co-panel members, I am a bit frightened :D (Taken from the Fantasycon website ) Room: Suite 2 5.00pm Stealing from the Past: Fantasy in History Much fantasy has real-world...
  8. Teresa Edgerton

    Bibliography -- Susan Boulton

    Novels Oracle (Tickety Boo Press 2015) Hand of Glory (Penmore Press 2016) Collections Seven Threads with Dan Bieger (Equilibrium Books 2004) Short Stories "Aftermath" FlashSpec Volume 1 edited by Neil Cladingboel (Equilibrium Books 2006) "Thorns" FlashSpec Volume 2 edited by Neil...
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    Nice plug for Oracle.

    Kat Goodwin's blog. Nice one.
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    To Sequel or not to Sequel

    This is the blog post I did for Alex Davis as part of his July blog hopping adventure (find his super blog here ) I just thought I would put it up here so people can read it and perhaps add their own thoughts about "the sequel" To sequel or not to sequel...
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    Guest Blog posts.

    I drew the 13th for the series of blog posts Alex Davis is doing. This is mine on his website, where I address the thorny question of to sequel or not to sequel. Or I am not sure what to do, yet ;) AND This is his on my blog. (And for anyone currently...
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    New review of Oracle

    A good and very balanced review of Oracle.
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    A snippet of Oracle.

    Just a taster for any that are interested. The first chapter of Oracle.
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    Updated my website.
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    Three new reviews on Amazon.

    Of the last couple of weeks, I have had a few new reviews on Amazon. Folks are enjoying Oracle!
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    Great blog with a super giveaway!

    This is a great blog, and the forth coming newsletter has super giveaway! A book called Oracle by Susan Boulton. o_O
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    Author round table.

    Just like to invite folks to an author round table Jo and I and taking part in over the next few days.
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    My interview with Alex Davis

    My interview with Alex Davis. I think I made sense.
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    I made into the Stafford Newsletter!

    I am in the local newspaper!!
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    Susan Boulton interview for Sffworld

    I have done an interview with Sffworld, talking about Oracle and my other work. Check it out.