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    Fantasycon 2018

    Fantasycon 2018 Programme is up. I am doing a panel at 7.00pm on Friday 19th October!
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    New Blog post

    Updated the blog; Writing and me - Blog
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    Events 2018.

    Events booked so far for this year; Follycon, Harrogate, 30th March - 2nd April 2018 Edge Lit, Derby 14th July 2018 Fantasycon, Chester, 19th - 21st October 2018 Sledge Lit. Derby, (date to follow)
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    Follycon at The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate 30th March until 2nd April

    Hi, I am attending Follycon this Easter and will be doing a panel on Friday 30th at 8.00pm. It is called: Horrible Heroes. Who on earth thought Heathcliff should be the hero of a novel? Our panel discusses "heroes" that really don't qualify. Sound like it will be fun!
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    Oracle ebook now only 99p for a limited period.
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    Sledge Lit. Derby. 25th November 2017

    I will be at Derby on the 25th November at Sledge Lit. I will be doing two panels, and will be wearing my Christmas jumper! Derby QUAD - Sledge-Lit 3
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    New Review of Hand of Glory.

    A great review by Lisl Zlitni on her blog, Before the Second Sleep.(y) I am blushing Book Review: Hand of Glory
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    In Memory

    "The two men stood in a funk hole, their backs against the sodden, foul smelling Flanders clay. Their rough shelter was cut into the side of a trench between the mud-cemented, rotting remains of a Yorkshireman – long considered just part of the scenery – and a rusting sheet of corrugated steel...
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    Article on History imagined.

    Article on Hand of Glory. Hope folks enjoy.....
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    British Fantasy Society reviews Hand of Glory.

    Very pleased with this; Hand of Glory by Susan Boulton. Book review
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    Eastercon 2017

    I will be at Eastercon this coming weekend. So if you are there, please say hi! Eastercon 2017 Not doing any panels this year, but will have copies of my books, Hand of Glory and Oracle with me. ;)
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    Want to win 10 signed books for only £1

    I know this time of year is an expensive one, but if you have a spare £1 in your pocket. Many thanks for reading. Booknest's Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser
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    Got two stockings to fill this Christmas?

    Well, how about stuffing Oracle in one. Amazon-Oracle And Hand of Glory in the other. Amazon - Hand of Glory. You know it makes sense (y);)
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    Sledge Lit

    On the 26th November at 11.30am in the Quad in Derby UK I will be doing a launch, signing and a small reading from Hand of Glory. All information about the day can be found here. Events, panels, signings and the famous raffle! Derby QUAD - SLEDGE-LIT 2016
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    Hand of Glory Reviews.

    I thought I would combine all the Hand of Glory reviews so far onto one thread, and add new ones when they appear. So; Starburst review Sffworld Review Barnes and Noble Review Geek Pride Review
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    Five stars for Oracle.

    A super review of Oracle up on Amazon Reviews: Oracle
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    Geek Pride talks Hand of Glory.

    A good review up of Hand of Glory. Balanced and clear. Hand of Glory, by Susan Boulton - Geek Pride
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    Another; on Barnes and Noble no less.

    This appeared out of the blue! Hand of Glory
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    New Review.

    New review of Hand of Glory up on Sffworld by N.E. White. Hand of Glory
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    Article on Sffworld about the ideas behind Hand of Glory.

    A little something I have written for Sffworld about Hand of Glory. Article by Susan Boulton: How an entry in a book on myths and legends became a WW1 novel.