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    Temple: Incarnations

    A new book - a short and not-so-sweet novella is out today from Apex in the US, and available on Amazon both sides of the world... I'm pretty pleased with this one, and it isn't a bad place to start if you are curious what I am like but don't want to read Warhammer/Slaine etc. It ran as a...
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    SFFWORLD Interview

    Mark Yon just did a pretty massive interview with me about just about everything - Steve Savile Interview I'd be curious to hear what folks think - if they enjoy this kind of detailed interview with the real personality in it, or if it is a little too long, dry, dull or what have you, it's one...
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    New Website Live

    My wizz of a web-mavern got the new website up and running today - Steven Savile go on, check it out, then let me know what you think.
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    God of Forgotten Things

    Just remembered this one was floating out in the ether at Infinity Plus, so for folks who actually don't hate reading off a screen... The God of Forgotten Things - a short story by Steven Savile
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    How Important?

    So, when you are 'enjoying' a fantasy - how important are various aspects to you the reader? a. political skullduggery - all the behind the scenes wheeler dealing that would put Del Boy to shame? b. fast paced narrative - action driven or character driven? c. religious exploration/theology -...
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    Seeing as I am hard at work on a big fat book about SF tv shows, I thought it might be fun to discuss what we love and hate about certain shows, and maybe dig a little into what makes certain ones work for us as opposed to others... I'll freely admit my favourites of the moment are: The Dresden...
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    Steven Savile on Publishing

    I figured I would set up a small thread for anyone who wants to ask about the business side of life - So go on, you know you want to...
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    I think all of us come into the field with a certain amount of baggage - that's a fancy way for saying we are fans first... I remember the first fantasy novel I read after Lord of the Rings - it was The Enchanter's Endgame by David Eddings, yep I read the last book first... but it opened a new...
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    Steven Savile introduction - Everything You Wanted to Know and were Afraid to Ask

    Brian was kind enough to invite me over here, as I tend to lurk a lot, and suggested I introduce myself. Basically I have been writing 15 years now, with my first published story in a UK small press mag called Exuberance. Since then I have tried my hand at a lot of stuff including: Editing -...