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  1. Judderman

    Erikson, Malazan & link to depression

    Reading Toll The Hounds, Malazan book 7, I was wondering has Steven Erikson himself had battles with depression. He is a superb and imaginative author, but so many of the characters, and even entire races are focussed on depressed and/or morbid thoughts. Thoughts of futility. So much so that...
  2. nixie

    The God is Not Willing.

    It has arrived, not drooling much.
  3. nixie

    The Fiends of Nightmaria

    I'm drooling, due to be released in March. The Fiends of Nightmaria is a new novella from New York Times bestselling author Steven Erikson, set in the world of the Malazan Book of the Fallen. The king is dead, long live King Bauchelain the First, crowned by the Grand Bishop Korbal Broach. Both...
  4. Werthead

    The Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson

    Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson
  5. Judderman

    Reaper's Gale

    I just read Reaper's Gale. I couldn't find a thread on this one, the seventh in Erikson's series. Spoilers for this book follow. I have been mostly loving the Malazan series so far. I was really enjoying the first half of this novel. I was thinking at that point it was shaping up to be one of...
  6. The Bluestocking

    Steven Erikson LIVE on Google Hangouts on Air

    Hi Steven Erikson and MALAZAN fans! Just a quick public service announcement here that Mr Erikson will be a guest on a live Google Hangout hosted by my anti-Violence Against Women charity at 6pm PST (Los Angeles Time), Friday 23 September 2016. Mr Erikson will be doing a reading and then...
  7. HareBrain

    House of Chains -- is the first 150 pages worth reading?

    I've just started House of Chains, and after reading 40 pages or so, I've flicked ahead to find that the first 150 pages are all about this fairly one-note Karsa Olong chap. I've also found out who he becomes, a character from Deadhouse Gates I didn't find at all interesting then either. So my...
  8. HareBrain

    Second time around

    A few years ago, I read the first three books of the Malazan series. I quite liked Gardens of the Moon, found Deadhouse Gates long, repetitive and overly grim, and Memories of Ice seemed a confusing mess that didn't know where its climax was. Since MOI had been often called the best in the...
  9. Judderman

    House of Chains opinions (spoilers included)

    I just finished House of Chains and thoroughly enjoyed most of it. Another great book. The Karsa Orlong story taking almost the first quarter of the book is fantastically written. The action is so well done. What a great page turning section and very different to how much of the books are...
  10. K

    A quick question...Gardens( One wee possible spoiler)

    If you haven't read to about 70% of the first book, which is unlikely if you're in this forum.... So I've got to just after the part where Rallick had his fight with Ocelot, and Murrilio hasn't heard from him in a while and presumes him dead, so he proceeds to go along with the plan to duel...
  11. Chris Guillory

    Favorite Character?

    Now, anybody familiar with this series would know this to be a very, very difficult question to answer. About half-way through Reaper's Gale, right now, I'd have to say Karsa Orlong. He's somehow simultaneously complex and simple at the same time. He's constantly underestimated by almost...
  12. N

    Help me read these books!

    I am looking for a new series after completing the wheel of time. I started gardens of the moon a couple months ago but after 150 pages put it down and I never do that. At the same time I have this feeling I I cool come to understand and get ino the books I would love them so I'm giving...
  13. Werthead

    The Kharkanas Trilogy by Steven Erikson

    The Kharkanas Trilogy Book 1: Forge of Darkness
  14. T

    Who else has finished The Crippled God? - Probable Spoilers

    Finally finished it about 3am last night... and subsequently slept through my alarm this morning and was late for work, but boy was it worth it! I always knew that it was never going to wrap up all the loose ends - not unless it was twice as long - but overall I thought it was a fitting end to...
  15. Werthead

    The Crippled God by Steven Erikson

    A hundred and fifty thousand years ago an innocent god was pulled out of his home realm and scattered across the world. His spirit was chained to prevent him from destroying the world in his insane rage. Since then, the world has known misery and fear as, every few millennia, the Crippled God...
  16. TJR357

    Gardens of the Moon: Will I start to Understand It...

    Will I start to understand this confusing read if I continue to plough through it? I'm just a little under 25% finished (on my iPod touch). I just find that the story is all over and I'm having difficulty figuring out what the story is really about. I picked it up via a recommendation from a...
  17. Werthead

    Dust of Dreams by Steven Erikson

    A review of the penultimate book in The Malazan Book of the Fallen.
  18. Lenny

    The Bonehunters

    My sixth thread, and a sixth helping of glowing praise - The Bonehunters displaced DHG as my favourite book, and for good reason too! Before I forget - the usual applies, please: no spoilers for the rest of the series (all one published books of it :rolleyes: ), and a warning to anyone who is...
  19. Lacedaemonian

    Steven Erikson is just a Glen Cook hack??

    Steven Erikson is just a Glen Cook hack?? Having just read the first three volumes of The Black Company series by Glen Cook I was left feeling shocked and disappointed. How could Erikson use so much of this work and not feel abject guilt? Do not get me wrong, there is almost enough original...
  20. Werthead

    New Novella on the Way!

    PS Publishing have confirmed that Steven Erikson is writing a third Korbal Broach and Bauchelain novella for them, following on from Blood Follows and The Healthy Dead. The Lees of Laughter's End will be published in 'early' 2007 and will follow on from the events of Blood Follows.