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  1. Brian G Turner

    I Am Taurus by Stephen Palmer

    One of my frustrations reading archaeology is how little archaeologists dare to infer what people believed in the prehistoric past. This is ironic, because every archaeological find requires interpretation and speculation in the first place. Additionally, books on mythology tend to focus on the...
  2. Stephen Palmer

    I Am Taurus, by Stephen Palmer

    It's officially published on 23rd February. The cover is already raising eyebrows! ADMIN EDIT: And now it's published, here's the link to it on Amazon:
  3. Stephen Palmer

    The Humani, by Stephen Palmer

    Link: The Humani: Palmer, Stephen: 9798861580335: Books My return to far-future SF after fifteen years away is to be published a fortnight tomorrow. I'm self-publishing this one. It's been rewritten, edited, honed, rewritten, re-edited and honed a few more times since that first...
  4. Stephen Palmer

    Visit Shropshire for my next novel

    Partly because the publishing world is so dire at the moment, partly out of curiosity, and partly because I've stopped giving a damn, my next novel Halfie will only be available from one small bookshop in south Shropshire. Since the Shropshire Hills are beautiful and unspoiled, visitors will be...
  5. Dan Jones

    Chronscast Season 1 Episode 1 - Northern Lights with Stephen Palmer

    Chronscast is LIVE! :love: It's taken six months or so since @Phyrebrat and I first sketched out our ideas of what the SFF Chronicles podcast would look like (or sound like) and we've come quite a long way in bringing this to fruition. I hope everyone gets a kick out of it. Special thanks go...
  6. Stephen Palmer

    Music Writing

    I'm delighted to say that I received yesterday a contract for a book I've been asked to write about Tangerine Dream. This is part of a broad range of rock music books already out from the publisher. My specific brief is Tangerine Dream in the 1970s, which I'm going to have great fun writing...
  7. Stephen Palmer

    Writer & Author Coaching

    For some time I've been thinking about offering writer coaching. So this week I've decided to grasp the nettle and do, rather than think. Here's the link on my blog should you wish to contact me. Any questions - just ask!
  8. Stephen Palmer

    Hairy Podcast Week

    Incoming! Monday 18th January...
  9. Stephen Palmer

    Condition: Human

    For thirty five years I’ve been fascinated by human consciousness, its evolution by natural selection, and the human condition. Some decades ago I made a couple of attempts at writing a work encapsulating some of the ideas I’d read – those of Erich Fromm, Dorothy Rowe and Nicholas Humphrey in...
  10. Stephen Palmer

    Beautiful Intelligence audiobook

    I'm delighted to say that an audiobook of Beautiful Intelligence is currently in production. The narrator is Nikola Mučkajev, who is a classically trained actor, and a narrator for many other audiobooks. I've heard the first chapter, and it sounds pretty awesome! Nikola has a real facility for...
  11. Stephen Palmer

    Fictions: Health & Care Re-imagined

    A few months ago I was approached, along with two other authors, to write three short stories under the banner Fictions: Health And Care Re-Imagined. This project, funded by the Future Care Capital charity, aims to foster discussion about the future of health care and social care in this...
  12. Stephen Palmer

    Woodland Revolution

    Heading leftfield. As you do.
  13. Toby Frost

    The Conscientious Objector by Stephen Palmer

    Sometimes I wonder if there are really only two types of Science Fiction or Fantasy story: the story of ideas (2001, say) and the rollercoaster ride (Aliens). Stephen Palmer’s new book, The Conscientious Objector, is definitely a novel of ideas, although it is also an exciting and intriguing...
  14. althea

    The Factory Girls trilogy by Stephen Palmer.

    I read these books over the holiday,and for the most part really enjoyed them. There is sadness in the story and that is the only reason I can't say I heartily enjoyed them. The first book made me need to read all three,as the mysterious factory intrigued me and hooked me into the story. This is...
  15. Stephen Palmer

    The Conscientious Objector

    The final novel in the Factory Girl world, The Conscientious Objector - set in 1914-15 - will be published by Infinity Plus Books on Monday 23rd December, also with a Tom Brown cover.
  16. Stephen Palmer

    Factory Girl: relaunch

    Here's a video trailer for the relaunched trilogy on Vimeo. Much more to come along!
  17. Stephen Palmer

    Tales From The Spired Inn

  18. Stephen Palmer

    Summer update

    Hello again to all my friends and fans here... :) I've had a curious, interesting, unexpected and enjoyable holiday. Back to the day job next Monday, so here's an update on my work... (i) Tales From The Spired Inn is now set for publication by Newcon Press on 15th October. The cover is completed...
  19. Stephen Palmer

    Stephen Palmer, The Autist

    My new novel The Autist - a return to SF! - is set for publication by Infinity Plus Books on 7th March. The theme is Artificial General Intelligence. More details and the book's fantastic cover (by Steve Jones of Beautiful Intelligence note) to follow... :)
  20. Toby Frost

    Tommy Catkins by Stephen Palmer

    Tommy Catkins, a young soldier of the First World War, returns to England with his nerves wrecked by his experiences of the battlefield. He is sent to a progressive hospital on Salixbury Island, where he is to be cured of his shell-shock. Two rival doctors use him as a guinea pig for their...