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  1. Stephen Palmer

    Stephen Palmer, The Autist

    My new novel The Autist - a return to SF! - is set for publication by Infinity Plus Books on 7th March. The theme is Artificial General Intelligence. More details and the book's fantastic cover (by Steve Jones of Beautiful Intelligence note) to follow... :)
  2. Toby Frost

    Tommy Catkins by Stephen Palmer

    Tommy Catkins, a young soldier of the First World War, returns to England with his nerves wrecked by his experiences of the battlefield. He is sent to a progressive hospital on Salixbury Island, where he is to be cured of his shell-shock. Two rival doctors use him as a guinea pig for their...
  3. Stephen Palmer

    Stephen Palmer 'Tommy Catkins' cover reveal

    This is the cover design for my upcoming novel Tommy Catkins, due out from Infinity Plus Books in a week or two.
  4. Stephen Palmer

    Tommy Catkins to be published

    Delighted to say that my next novel Tommy Catkins is to be published in the not-too-distant future by Infinity Plus Books. Really pleased about this one! Following a horrific experience at Verdun, Tommy Catkins – shellshocked and suffering head injuries – is sent to a private mental hospital on...
  5. Stephen Palmer

    Improbable Botany

    Along with 9 other authors (including Tricia Sullivan, Justina Robson, Eric Brown and Cherith Baldry) I have a story in a new, beautifully packaged SF anthology from Wayward Plants called Improbable Botany. This collection was edited by Gary Dalkin, whose name will be known to many. The book is...
  6. Stephen Palmer

    Glass & Flowercrash

    Here's a new blog post: Why I Wrote Glass. Saturday will see a blog post on Flowercrash.
  7. Brian G Turner

    Best Stephen Palmer novel to start with?

    I'm tempted to pick up Beautiful Intelligence to sample Stephen Palmer's work - but I wondered if there's a different novel readers would recommend starting with? I know Beautiful Intelligence is part of a series, so I'm not sure whether that - or a self-contained novel - would probably work...
  8. Foxbat

    Factory Girl Trilogy Thoughts (caution, may contain spoilers)

    Finished. Really enjoyed it. Very thought-provoking. Currently mulling over what I've just read. Some observations. Dante's Inferno and the passage of the soul towards God seems to be an influence on this where the factory is concerned. Evolution. I remember reading somewhere a while back...
  9. Stephen Palmer

    Factory Girl: Reviews

    Great new review here by Kate Coe at SFF World.
  10. Vertigo

    The Girl with Two Souls by Stephen Palmer

    The Girl with Two Souls is a little difficult to classify, it is part steampunk, part fantasy, part alternate history and, arguably, part science fiction. It is also YA. Now I am no longer a fantasy reader and am not a great fan of alternate history or YA so it was really something of a pleasant...
  11. Stephen Palmer

    Factory Girl: interviews & blogs

    Here's a new interview, done by Andrew Leon Hudson at the Cartesian Theatre. More to follow...
  12. Stephen Palmer

    Factory Girl trilogy - published

    Volume 1, The Girl With Two Souls, is published today: Kindle UK. Paperback UK. Kindle US. Paperback US.
  13. Stephen Palmer

    Factory Girl trilogy - cover reveals

    Volume 1 front cover:
  14. Stephen Palmer

    Dates for your diary

    Dates for your diary: the Factory Girl trilogy. Cover reveal day: Sunday 13 November. The Girl With Two Souls: Tuesday 22 November. The Girl With One Friend: Tuesday 29 November. The Girl With No Soul: Tuesday 6 December The Conscientious Objector: 2017
  15. Stephen Palmer

    New Blog section

    I've begun a new section on my blog called Opinion. Here is the first piece...
  16. Stephen Palmer

    Steve's Novel Sabbatical - update.

    Really enjoying it!
  17. Stephen Palmer

    Muezzinland - Author's Edition

    Also coming out very soon - first time in paperback for ten years.
  18. Stephen Palmer

    No Grave For A Fox - cover reveal']']Published by Infinity Plus on 16/12/15... just in time for Xmas and the Boxing Day online rush!
  19. Stephen Palmer

    Roundtable event

    From 7th December there will be a 'Roundtable' event at the SFF World forum, with myself as one of the participants. Also there will be the superb Gwyneth Jones. Come on down!