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  1. biodroid

    Stephen Lawhead

    Has anyone read him. I just got the Dragonking trilogy at a seconhand bookshop is it any good?
  2. Brian G Turner

    Review: Stephen Lawhead - Byzantium

    An Irish Monk, Aidan, is honoured with the task of accompanying a gift – the Book of Kells – as it is transported to Byzantium, to be offered to the Emperor at Constantinople. However, they've hardly sailed past the coast of Britain when disaster strikes. What follows next is a fascinating...
  3. Brian G Turner

    Stephen Lawhead - Byzantium

    I read this a while back and quite enjoyed it: Stephen Lawhead - Byzantium I've not read either Stephen Lawhead or historical fiction before, so it was a good introduction to what the genre could achieve. However, I've heard varying reports on Lawheads other works, especially his Arthurian...
  4. M

    Lawhead, Stephen: Bibliography

    Books by Stephen Lawhead Pendragon Cycle: Taliesin Merlin Arthur Pendragon Grail Celtic Crusades: The Iron Lance The Black Rood Albion Trilogy: The Paradise War The Silver Hand The Endless Knot Byzantium Avalon: The Return of King Arthur Empyrion Series: The Search...
  5. M

    Lawhead, Stephen: The Pendragon Cycle

    I found this author by accident and am very glad that I did. After watching Merlin on TV, I decided that I wanted to read some more about the character and time. I had already read Le Morte de Arture and the Mary Stewart books. Being the sucker for books that I am, I did a search on Amazon...