stephen donaldson

  1. ravenus

    Thomas Covenant books

    What are these books about in general? Would they be recommended to someone like me who reads fantasy mostly in the dark vein and with at least some degree of horror/grisliness in the mix? As an example I like the Conan Books by Rob E. Howard
  2. R

    Currently reading The One Tree (some spoilers)

    Yes, well for christmas I was given three books that I really wanted to read, The Wounded Land, The One Tree, and White Gold Wielder. I have to say that when I first started this part of the series I was really surprised at how much had changed in the Land, and I was also a bit upset by it...
  3. E

    Is Thomas Covenant the most frustrating "hero" ever?

    I read all 6 Covenant novels quite a few years ago and found him to be the most frustrating character I have ever followed. the first three I found readable but frustrating and the second three seemed almost to be masochism. I do understand that his failure to do the decent thing relates to his...
  4. Foxbat

    The GAP series

    It seems the Donaldson section is almost entirely devoted to Thomas Covenant so I thought I'd just mention Donaldson's GAP series. Despite a lot of folk decrying it due to its excessive violence, I think it is actually a better series than the Covenant books. Now don't get me wrong, much as I...
  5. Locksmith

    POV Issues in the First Chronicles

    I've almost finished reading the First Chronicles trilogy and one thing that struck me was the gradual deterioration in the point of view from which the stories are told. Unfortunately, for me this undermined the whole premise of the first book (that Covenant does not believe the world is real)...
  6. S

    Loved Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, will i like Raymond E Feist's work?

    Im almost finished Donaldsons "the chronicles of thomas covenant", bar the latest book 1 of the final chronicles, but i have to wait for xmas for that. my bro has a heap of books by Raymond E Feist. the only title i remember is " a darkness at sethannon". are they good books, are they gritty, or...
  7. Allanon

    Covenant Movie

    does anyone know anything about the chronicles movies that is supposed to be coming out, like when and who's in it, that sort of thing. or where i can find out about it?
  8. S

    is High Lord Elena Thomas Covenants daughter? from The Illearth Stone by Donaldson

    I know they prob spell it out , but i have a habbit of missing these kind of things, so im wondering, is Elena, from The Illearth Stone by stephen donaldson, Covanents daughter? if so, why did she kiss him tenderly on the lips in the lake high up in revelstone?o, dont give any answers that tell...
  9. S

    Just found"the illearth war"!! by stephen donaldson

    no real relevance to this post except to say ive finally found the illearth war, of the 1st series of Thomas Covenant books. i finished Lord Fouls Bane a while ago and have been trying to get hold of the illearth war but its out of print and i was told in every bookshop that i wouldnt be able to...
  10. S

    where do i find illustrations or artwork for the chronicles of thomas covenant?

    hi. Ive recently started reading the chronicles of thomas convnant by Stephen Donaldson, and I find them utterly fantastic. Up their with lord of the rings as far as epic tales are concerned( the stories are quite similar, but the subtle differences make huge differences to the style of the two...
  11. SciFi_Short_Story

    Chronicles of Thomas Covenenant

    Having perused my library of materials bought mostly within a 5-year time frame ending roughly twice that length before today (that's one for the math majors), I noticed a series of books that I fell immediately in love with for its fantastical qualities as well as plot, character development...
  12. Lacedaemonian

    Does anybody recommend Donaldson?

    I have just started reading his first trilogy, but before I get too engrossed I wanted to get a little feedback from people who have read this series. Feel free to give me a short synopsis of the series as I know virtually nothing.
  13. Foxbat

    The Runes Of The Earth

    By Stephen Donaldson Ten years have passed. Thomas Covenant is dead and Linden Avery has an adopted son. All seems well until Roger (Covenant’s son) arrives and demands that Joan, his mother, is released into his care. As events unfold, Roger is unveiled as an agent of the Despiser, and his...
  14. rune

    Bibliography - Stephen Donaldson

    I've found this published info for this author, please do add any addition publishing info that you find :D Thomas Covenant The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (omnibus) (1977) 1. Lord Foul's Bane (1977) 2. The Illearth War (1977) 3. The Power That Preserves (1977)...
  15. Brian G Turner

    Lord Foul's Bane vs Lord of the Rings

    I could have sworn that I'd read a list of claims purporting to show that Lord Foul's Bane derives a lot of it's actual plot elements from Lord of the Rings - the only accusation I can specifically remember is that of both chasing after a powerful ring. I'll see if I can find something on the...
  16. Foxbat

    The Man Who..

    A series of crime novels by Donaldson under the pseudonym 'Reed Stephens'. Not exactly Fantasy or SF but I'm just wondering if anybody has read them and, if so, are they worth a purchase?
  17. Foxbat

    The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

    This Trilogy consists of The Wounded Land The One Tree White Gold Wielder Ten years have passed since Thomas Covenant has returned from ‘The Land’. His life has not improved much and still he struggles against both his leprosy and the bigotry following in its wake. Linden Avery, a new...
  18. K

    Donaldson title?

    Help, please - I'm looking for the title of a short story, which I think is by Stephen Donaldson, about a giant centipede. It's the final straw in a relationship breakup, and I have no idea why I suddenly thought of it this morning, but I desperately want to track it down to reread it now...
  19. Foxbat

    The Runes Of The Earth

    - the title of the opening salvo of Stephen Donaldson's continuation of his Thomas Covenant Chronicles. Apparently this next set will consist of four volumes and the aforementioned Runes is published on October 17th. I know there are a few of us on the boards who quite like this series so I...
  20. Foxbat

    The First Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant

    By Stephen Donaldson The Thomas Covenant books are, without a doubt, well written. They tell the tale of a man who becomes a leper and is left distraught by the isolation that is forced upon him by an uncaring world. His wife divorces him, the townspeople shun and fear him. The doctors at the...