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  1. TWErvin2

    Thomas Covenant Series Audiobooks

    Although they've been available for quite some time, the Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever series has been available only through order from a website which isn't a major vendor. Digital and Discs available. I noted last week that on Audible the first two books in the series (Lord Foul's Bane and...
  2. Foxbat

    Seventh Decimate By Stephen Donaldson

    What Has Gone Before: This is a short explanatory note before the review and (for my own amusement) I decided to entitle it in the fashion of a Thomas Covenant recap. I am, as you can probably tell, easily amused. Now to the nitty gritty. In all honesty, I have to inform any reader of this...
  3. Brian G Turner

    Great God's War trilogy coming

    Berkeley will be released a new high fantasy trilogy from Stephen Donalson next year, titled Great God's War: Fantasy Author Stephen R. Donaldson is Back with a New Trilogy!
  4. N

    Donaldson's controvertial go-to theme

    SPOILERS FOR GAP SERIES!!! I was a late Donaldson fan. I started reading the Thomas Coveneant chronicles just over a year ago and since then I've read both the first and second chronicles, Mordant's Need duology and I'm halfway through book three of the gap series. I'm addicted. I was...
  5. J

    In Defense of Thomas Covenant

    This is something that's always sort of vexed me about the Thomas Covenant series SPOILER:Everybody generally despises Covenant(at least in the first few chapters) because he rapes this woman in the first book. Now, granted, rape is not a nice thing to do (especially to someone who I think had...
  6. S

    New sequels from Willis, Donaldson

    19th November 2010 02:03 AM Elaine Frei October saw the release of two new novels from well-known names in science fiction and fantasy, Stephen R. Donaldson and Connie Willis. First up is All Clear, from multiple Hugo and Nebula-award winning Connie Willis. All Clear is a sequel to her...
  7. S

    Donaldson awarded honorary degree

    4th July 2009 07:18 AM Elaine Frei Stephen R. Donaldon, award-winning author of the First, Second and Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Gap Cycle, and other science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels and short stories, was recently awarded an honorary degree from the University of St...
  8. Foxbat

    The Last Dark - on its way.

    Just had an e-mail to say my hardback copy of The Last Dark is on it's way. I first came across Covenant in the early eighties so it has been a long wait getting to here. I have a sneaking suspicion I know how this one is going to end and I do hope I'm wrong. However, no turning back now, got...
  9. Grimward

    The Last Dark - The Final Covenant Book?

    Well, as all Donaldson fans are likely aware, the Thomas Covenant series is sadly (for my part) coming to an end. The Last Dark is advertised by Donaldson as the final book. Amazon of course is already selling it for 20 pounds in the UK, even though it hasn't been released (and if Donaldson's...
  10. S

    The Gap Cycle by Stephen R. Donaldson

    [Please note that this is a review of a series of books rather than any individual book within the series.] Stephen R. Donaldson is primarily known for the dark fantasy work The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, which kicked off his career. The Gap Cycle, however, is a space opera. The...
  11. HareBrain

    Against all Things Ending

    Anyone else reading/read the third book of the Last Chronicles? I'm about 300 pages in, and not sure what to think of it. Sometimes I want to fall to the floor and beat my fists against it, screaming "Why won't something happen??!" I can't read more than fifty pages at a time without starting to...
  12. Grimward

    Fatal Revenant, by Stephen R. Donaldson

    (With a nod to Foxbat for his review of The Runes of the Earth, which review matches my take on that book quite well). The books of Stephen R. Donaldson are among my earliest ventures into Fantasy literature. A friend in high school pointed me in the direction of Lord Foul’s Bane, and I was...
  13. P

    Haven't Read It Yet...

    So, I've been hearing all of the hype about this book and I was wondering what it's similar to in style and plot. If it's about prophecies and stff I'll just pass on it. So, I go to the source. Thanks in advance.
  14. GOLLUM

    Book 2 Fatal Revenant *SPOILERS*

    OK folks, I have the book in my hands and am already reading it. Please post any thoughts on the book here.....:)
  15. jackokent

    Stephen Donaldson signing event 26th

    For any fans out there in the vicinity of Bristol, Stephen Donaldson is going to be at Waterstones, Union Galleries, Broadmead on 26th Oct. He's going ot be talking about and signing his latest Thomas Convenant book Fatal Revenant. It starts at 7pm and tickes cost £3, redeamable against the...
  16. K

    Seriously, read Mordant's Need

    I've said this elsewhere, but seriously. It isn't very long, it's very easy to get into, and it's entertaining from start to finish, packed full of interesting characters and a twisting story set in a really unusual environment. Think about it, it's Donaldson and you know he's damn good, it's...
  17. K

    So, who's your favourite character in the Gap?

    For the few of you who've read it (everyone else is missing out so badly, they really are), who's your fave? This is almost impossible for me, there are so many awesome characters to choose from. I really, really like Warden, he has a kind of presence about him which makes you hang on to every...
  18. S

    Anything like The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant?

    Hey guys, im new here, and I joined hoping to find some other books that I might like. Im pretty new to the sci fi fantasy seen but after reading Lord Fouls Bane, I had no idea what I was missing. Within the following two weeks, I read both triolgies in the series, and Runes of the Earth. After...
  19. L

    did u know Donaldson writing 3 more books to end Covenant series?

    i somehow stumbled across that about a month ago. I honestly cant see how you could write a book after The Power that Preserves, since a (spoiler alert) major character is dead.. but you never know, he did have alot of loose threads. Especially stuff about the Banefire and whatnot. i had...
  20. N

    Favourite Character?

    Hi I noticed there wasn't a thread on this and decided to make one. Feel free to post your favourite character, and why you like them/ why you don't like other characters. The character that really got me was Bannor. He was what my sister and I would call an "Aragorn character" (this does not...