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  1. The Bluestocking

    RIP Sheri S. Tepper

    Sheri S. Tepper has passed away on 22 October 2016: Locus Online News » Sheri S. Tepper (1929-2016) RIP, Ms. Tepper - you will be missed but your legacy will live on in your books and stories.
  2. A

    The Waters Rising-Sheri S. Tepper

    The Waters Rising Sheri S. Tepper Eos, Aug 31 2010, $26.99 ISBN 9780061958878 The Big Kill has left the earth shattered as most life died during the pandemic mass murders by the unseen Slaughterers. However, the survivors of the onslaught have no respite as a second potentially deadly threat...
  3. Ian The Poet

    Sheri S Tepper

    Years ago I read the True Game trilogy, until recently I thought I would not find it as it is out of print. I found it as an e-book (Kobo). It consists of: King's Blood Four; Necromancer Nine; Wizard's Eleven.
  4. Anthony G Williams

    Plague of Angels, by Sheri Tepper

    Sheri Tepper has long been one of my favourite authors. I still recall the impact her first novel, The True Game, had on me in the 1980s - it was the first of a truly original fantasy series, and an indicator of what was to come. Since then, I have read many of her stories and re-read a couple...
  5. M

    The Waters Rising - Sheri Tepper - questions

    Picked up The Waters Rising by Sheri Tepper from the library the other day. Looking on Fantastic Fiction I see it is book 2 of The Plague of Angels. Looking at the very brief description of the plots they seem completely different. So my questions are Can the Waters Rising be read as a...
  6. S

    Sheri S Tepper book?

    I remember a story very vividly but can't remember what the book was called. I think the author was Sheri S Tepper. It was about a girl who was being pursued by someone who was using voodoo. She had a cat and she went on a camping trip with her lecturer to a native American camp where they...
  7. Anthony G Williams

    Grass by Sheri S. Tepper

    Sheri Tepper is an author to give hope to all aspiring writers of mature years, because her first published novel didn't appear until she was in her mid-fifties. However, she hit the ground running and has since authored some thirty SFF novels under her own name plus more than a dozen thrillers...
  8. The Procrastinator

    Sheri S. Tepper

    Am I imagining it, or is there as yet no thread dedicated to Sheri S. Tepper? If there is, mods, please bung this in with it - if not, well there's one now.:cool: I own a heap of Tepper's books, but was motivated to start this thread by finally getting hold of three of her very early ones -...
  9. Princess Ivy

    The Visitor - Sherri S Tepper

    yet another jem from this author. i litterally couldn't put it down, and read the whole thing in a day. of course now i'm grumpy and sleep deprived cause i finished it off at three in the morning:D my only negative here is that it so closely resembled 'plague of angels', although far more adult...
  10. Princess Ivy

    Sherri S Tepper

    I loved a plague of angels, and have just picked up an am thoroughly engrosed in Beauty, however I found Grass and A gate to Womans Country very difficult to read, grass was disturbing, but good, and womens country just incredibly boring. I love her ideas, although post apocalyptic stuff can be...