samuel r delany

  1. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    Trouble On Triton: Samuel R. Delany

    In some ways, Triton: An Ambiguous Heterotopia (as this novel was titled on its initial publication, in 1976; it's now known as 'Trouble on Triton, with the same sub-title) is as much about science fiction as it is about social and political models. The infodump or exposition is a vital part of...
  2. The Wanderer

    Wikipedia Analysis of 'Nova' Samuel R Delany

    Nova (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Quite Interesting, I found it Good fun to rethink of the Novels more humourous moments...
  3. The Wanderer

    Samuel R Delany

    Hello everyone :cool: I've only read 'The Einstein Intersection' and I'm about to read 'Nova' 1968 anybody like this author?, taking into account his Post Nova period (Dharlgren, Triton, Stars in my Pocket like Grains of Sand etc) and earlier stuff like 'the Jewels of Aptor', 'The Fall of...