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  1. Dan Jones

    Chronscast Season 1 Episode 7 - Mythago Wood with John Jarrold

    Hi everyone! Today @Phyrebrat and I are joined by one of the kings of UK science-fiction and fantasy, the literary agent John Jarrold, to talk about Rob Holdstock's majestic 1984 novel Mythago Wood, winner of the World Fantasy Award. Over a career spanning almost fifty years John has become one...
  2. A

    The Hollowing

    The Hollowing Robert Holdstock Tor Orb, May 2005, $14.95, 332 pp. ISBN: 0765311100 Overcome and unable to move following the death of his son Alexander, Richard Bradley feels he has no reason to live. However, just as his despair overwhelms him Richard meets scientists Alexander Lytton and...
  3. A

    The Broken Kings

    The Broken Kings Robert Holdstock Tor, May 2007, $27.95 ISBN: 0765311097 As Merlin temporarily resides inside fortress Taurovinda, he is worried as the Shadows of Heroes leave the other realm to claim the Kingdom of Cornovidi as their own. His concern is not with these Shades, but the unknown...
  4. B

    Mythago Wood by Robert HoldStock

    Unlike any book I had ever read before . It's one that I recommend frequently Yet when I try to explain to them what it's about, I draw a compete blank and lock up , not because it made no impression in me, on the contrary it made quite an impression on me . in the book you have The Huxley's...
  5. Toby Frost

    Mythago Wood - Robert Holdstock

    Stephen Huxley returns from the wars to his family home. Here he meets his brother Christopher, who has become fascinated by the small wood on the family land, much as Stephen’s father did years ago. Christopher disappears into the wood, searching for a woman he claims to have loved: when a girl...
  6. J

    mythago woods

    has anyone read this? i loved it, thought it was beautiful..would love any insight anyone has? x
  7. murphy

    Robert Holdstock Dies

    First read about this on Kate Elliott's blog. Found the rest on the Locus site.
  8. Clansman

    ROBERT HOLDSTOCK: What's your take?

    I have heard, recently, a lot of good things, from a source I respect, about the novels of Robert Holdstock, starting with Mythago Wood and Lavondyss. However, before I jump in to this series with my time and money, my Chronian instincts kicked in, and I wanted to get the views of my fellow...
  9. Lacedaemonian

    Anybody read Robert Holdstock?

    Just stumbled across this fella on Amazon due to one of their better links. From what I have read there he sounds like he writes some very interesting stuff. Was hoping for some more reliable feedback from Chronicles people. :)
  10. AE35Unit

    Robert Holdstock

    A few years ago i read Mythago Wood and loved it! Thing is I can't remember the other books in the series. Anyone read these? Also I have Where the Time Winds Blow which is pure sf set on a strange planet. Must get round to reading that!
  11. nixie

    Robert Holdstock

    Anyone else read anything by this author? At moment I'm trying to read Mythago Woods, the concepts good,but I'm finding it very difficult to get into, his style of writing leaves a lot to be desired