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  1. AE35Unit

    Rocketship Galileo by Robert Heinlein (1947)

    This is an early Heinlein juvenile and it was a lot more enjoyable than I was expecting! Despite it being about some kids building a rocket to the moon under the tutelage of an older professor this had sound science and a decent story line. A fun short read!
  2. J

    Heinlein popularity

    Is Heinlein still popular among younger readers?
  3. Mike J Nagle

    Heinlein's "Future History" Reading Order Flowchart

    Hello. In 2016, I created a reading-order flowchart for Eric Flint's Ring of Fire (1632) series. I posted it at Baen's Bar (which is currently on hiatus, unfortunately) back then as my introduction to the forums. Since 2016, I have created over a dozen reading-order flowcharts that are similar...
  4. B

    Who Do You Think is Greater, Robert A Heinlein or Poul Anderson ?

    Robert A Heinlein The Man who gave us Such Novels as Stanger in A Strange Land, Starship Troopers, Glory Road , The Moon is Harsh , Mistress and and so many other great novels and stories...
  5. Extollager

    Heinlein's Novels for Young Readers vs. Carrie Vaughan's

    Heinlein’s Children Discuss?
  6. J-Sun

    Heinlein's juveniles (companion)

    This is a companion thread to Heinlein's juveniles. I just wanted a poll to go with it. Probably not much need to post in this thread, as the other exists unless there's something about the poll itself. My votes are somewhat random as I don't remember all of them clearly and do remember liking...
  7. M

    Discussion about "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress"

    I wanted to start a topic/discussion/debate/argument... After rereading "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" for the umpteenth time, I found myself wondering "Who did order the Yellow Jacket raid on Stilyagi hall?" in the beginning of the book. I have formed my own opinion, but would like to see if...
  8. S

    New Heinlein biography forthcoming

    20th April 2010 08:23 PM Elaine Frei Every once in awhile, I see an announcement for a new book about to be published that makes me sit up and pay attention and think, “I’ve really got to read that.” That happened when I saw a note announcing that Tor is publishing the first volume of a...
  9. E

    Red Planet and Podkyane

    Hello, I have spent the whole day reading Heinlein's excerpts, I am thrilled! Would someone be able to tell me what is the COMPANY he refers to in Red Planet? „Sir, it is not the natural limitations of this globe that I object to; it is the pantywaist nincompoops who rule it— These...
  10. E

    Happy dust hangover

    Hello, while going through excerpts of Heinlein's novels I bumped into this one: Podkyane from mars (postlude) Maybe I should have stopped to disarm it as soon as I broke old Gruesome’s neck—and maybe Jojo would have caught both of us if I had and him still with a happy-dust hangover...
  11. E

    Red Planet

    Hello everybody, I have just started to "discover" the world of SF and have red some excerpts of Heinlein's novels but there are a few things I don't understand since are only quotation. Also, I am not an english native but I prefer to read books in english, this way i get the stylistic...
  12. subtletylost

    Have Spacesuit-Will Travel.

    This is one of the books my book club is reading this semester. Is it any good? What exactly is it supposed to be about? It sounds like a space story.
  13. AE35Unit

    The Number of the Beast by Heinlein (1980)

    I was looking forward to reading this and it started off quite pleasantly, I was enjoying the story, such as it was, but then it got dull, quickly, that is about a third of the way in, and its a 500+ page book. Basically a scientist invents a dimension jumping machine cum time machine, based...
  14. artelliot

    Man Who Sold the Moon

    A little confused here. Is Man Who Sold the Moon a short story or a novel? I received a copy but it starts with two other stories, Let There Be Light and The Roads Must Roll. Are they connected? After reading the first and a little of the second I fail to see the connection...I have yet to...
  15. J

    Have you read Double Star

    It's the only one that I have left in my Heinlein Trio and I want to read it, but I am wondering if it's one of those really, really, really, really good ones and if I should wait and read some of his other stuff first.
  16. DrMclony

    Requiem: Collected Works and Tributes to the Grand Master

    Any body else looking forward to grabbing this when TOR books release it on june 21? I had a suspicion it was a reprint but the amazon listing says first release o.O It's sure got me curious :) I can't post the link of course, but its listed as coming soon on amazon.

    Peer Impact

    Here is a pic of, left to right, of L. Sprague de Camp, Heinlein, and Asimov hanging out and chatting while working together during WWII. How much impact and/or influence do you think close relationships with other authors has on one's writing? Can you give any instance where you see L...
  18. Connavar

    Double Star

    I didnt see a thread for this so i wonder how people feel about this book. How did you guys like it when you read it ?
  19. A

    Heinlein The Economist

    This may have been covered but......... I have a friend who adores Heinlein (I think he's damned good...). We've had extended discussions where my friend makes it very obvious he's using Heinlein as his economics expert. I know Heinlein wrote about economics and featured it a bit but...
  20. A

    Orphans of the Sky vs Universe & Common Sense

    Hi, Are there many differences in Orphans of the Sky compared to Universe & Common Sense? I am planning to purchase Off the Main Sequence: The Other Science Fiction Stories of Robert A. Heinlein which has both Universe and Common Sense and have been wondering if their versions in Orphans of...