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  1. Extollager

    How did REH pronounce "Conan"?

    I don't read those stories lately, but I did years ago as a youngster. At that time, in my mind I pronounced "Conan" to rhyme with "Joe ran." Later, I heard the name the way I would pronounce it in "Arthur Conan Doyle," i.e. the first syllable in "Conan" rhymes with "lawn," or "con" in "con...
  2. R

    An academic journal devoted to Robert E Howard!

    The Dark Man: Journal of Robert E. Howard and Pulp Studies. is the title and the latest volume is on Amazon now. 'Look Inside' gives 28 pages for free. Editors are Jason Ray Carney and Nicole Emmelhainz-Carney. The website is here.
  3. S

    Robert E. Howard’s Kelly the Conjure-Man

    Conjure-Man is interesting to critique due to the time it was written. Robert E. Howard was a pulp fiction writer during the 1920s-1930s. As such, racism and xenophobia amongst other forms of bigotry appear in his work. Because of this, I think I can safely say that the story’s depiction of what...
  4. S

    Robert E. Howard’s The Touch of Death Review

    Before the story begins there’s a poem. Considering that Robert E. Howard was a poet and that there’s no author credited, it might be his: As long as midnight cloaks the earth With shadows grim and dark God save us from the Judas kiss...
  5. S

    Robert E. Howard’s Casonetto’s Last Song Review

    This is another short story by Robert E. Howard, a 1920s-30s pulp fiction author. The opening begins strong by enticing the reader with several questions. Additionally, it sets the plot in motion: “I eyed the package curiously. It was thin and flat, and the address was written...
  6. S

    Robert E. Howard’s The Man on the Ground Review

    “The Man on the Ground” just tips its toe into fantasy. I would label it low fantasy because it does have fantasy elements, they’re just minimal. From a first impression, the opening sentence is okay: “Cal Reynolds shifted his tobacco quid to the other side of his...
  7. S

    Robert E. Howard’s The Dream Snake Review

    The story’s opening demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of Robert E. Howard. He has a poetry background, so could be skilled at using figurative language in his descriptions. This gives even the frivolous ones you don’t see in most fiction. However, note the frivolous part. In my opinion...
  8. S

    Robert E. Howard’s Restless Waters Review

    Some may consider this story horror, but I think it can be classified as low fantasy. It’s set in the real world, but has unexpected magical elements that shock the characters. With that said, here’s the review: The tale concerns the protagonist recounting a terrible night in the...
  9. logan_run

    If he had lived

    Howard was only 35 when he committed suicide had he lived would he of continued with Conan or did more westerns>>??
  10. anno

    Conan and others...

    Hi people I might be late to this particular party but came across this site online - Black Gate » Articles » Thongor of Lemuria – Part One by Lin Carter I wasn’t really looking for Thongor, honest :cautious: Enjoy.
  11. Extollager

    Robert E. Howard's Solomon Kane Stories and Poem[s] (not the movie, or works by other authors)

    Here's a place to discuss certain stories by Robert E. Howard. The stories include: Rattle of Bones Red Shadows Skulls in the Stars The Moon of Skulls The Hills of the Dead Wings in the Night The Footfalls Within The Hills of the Dead There is also a poem, "Solomon Kane's Homecoming," and...
  12. John Thiel III

    Anyone for Talking About Robert E. Howard?

    I just commenced reading this author in earnest, having obtained several volumes of his works from the SF Book Club. So far I am halfway into one volume, THE COMING OF CONAN, and find that I would like to have an opportunity to make some comments on the stories I am reading and perhaps talk...
  13. Vladd67

    Robert E Howard: A new collection

    I may well have to get this. Conan’s Brethren by Robert E. Howard
  14. Extollager

    Youmans' MAZE OF BLOOD, inspired by the life of Robert E. Howard

    Here's a thread where people who have read Marly Youmans' 2015 novel, published by Mercer University Press, can discuss the book, and where links to reviews can be posted. This thread is not intended to be a place for people to criticize a book they haven't read or for people to discuss their...
  15. Extollager

    "Inspired by the life of pulp writer Robert E. Howard"
  16. B

    Books and Stories and Poems That Influenced H P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard

    I was initially going to make it about Lovecraft only . But I thought , why not all three? Since the three of them were tied to gather by a distant/close friendship of correspondence . What writers and their, books and stories , poems , influenced them, made them who they are ? And how...
  17. A

    The Conquering Sword of Conan

    The Conquering Sword of Conan Robert E Howard Del Rey, Dec 2005, $15.95, 416 pp. ISBN: 0345461533 This particular Conan collection contains five of Robert E Howard’s tales (Servants of Bit-Yakin, Red Nails, The Black Stranger, Beyond the Black River, and The Man-Eaters of Zamboula). Fans of the...
  18. A

    The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian

    The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian Robert E. Howard; illustrated by Mark Shultz Ballantine, Nov 2005, $29.95 ISBN: 0345483855 This anthology consists of the first thirteen (in chronological order of when released) Conan tales, which most literary historians agree were the start of the sword and...
  19. A

    El Borak and Other Desert Adventures-Robert E. Howard

    El Borak and Other Desert Adventures Robert E. Howard Del Rey, Feb 2010, $$18.00 ISBN: 9780345505433 These thirteen tales consist of eight starring Francis “El Borak” Xavier Gordon, three headed by Kirby O’Donnell, one very short story led by Steve Clarney and one untitled other El Borak. The...
  20. A

    Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures-Robert E. Howard

    Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures Robert E. Howard Del Rey, Jan 25 2011, $18.00 ISBN 9780345505460 These eighteen historical short stories and poems display a different Robert E. Howard than the sword and sorcerer fame. The entries are enhanced by a terrific introduction (Scott Oden)...