robert charles wilson

  1. Vertigo

    The Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson

    Vast monuments start appearing around the globe celebrating military victories with dates in the future. How are they being created? Are they self-fulfilling prophecies? Can they be stopped? And should they? Wilson quickly sets up a very intriguing premise and then works it through with a good...
  2. Vertigo

    Axis by Robert Charles Wilson

    Humanity has now expanded through the ‘Arch’ into the world prepared for them by the Hypotheticals. And are now rapidly setting out to make as much of a mess of that world as they have already done the Earth. Only one character from the first book is still present this time around but only as a...
  3. Vertigo

    Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

    Alien tech on the level of so-advanced-it’s-magic envelops the Earth in some sort of a time warp in which time moves massively slower inside than outside. So much so that the death of the sun becomes a threat that will happen with the protagonists’ lifetimes. Allow that basic premise into your...