richard morgan

  1. Werthead

    Thin Air by Richard Morgan

    Bradbury City, Mars. Hak Veil used to pilot ships through the blackness between worlds, acting as a highly-trained combat operative. After a few things went wrong, he's wound up abandoned on the Red Planet, trying to find a way of getting back to Earth. His unique abilities allow him to find...
  2. S

    Richard K Morgan works with EA Games

    5th November 2009 04:01 AM David Allen As the author of Altered Carbon, it should come as no surprise that Richard Morgan is in demand but this time it is not the publishers, it is Electronic Arts otherwise known as EA that want to harness his talents. According to the writer who announced...
  3. S

    Richard K. Morgan?s The Cold Commands out in October

    19th August 2011 05:52 PM Kerry Butters With The Steel Remains, award-winning science fiction writer Richard K. Morgan turned his talents to sword and sorcery. The result: a genre-busting masterwork hailed as a milestone in contemporary epic fantasy. Now Morgan continues the riveting saga of...
  4. Gramm838

    What's happened to Richard Morgan?

    I was in Waterstone's in The Strand the other day and noticed that there are few of RM's books on the shelves...which got me wondering whether he's lost his way somewhat, and that's reflected in the number of books available? I think he really faltered with the The Cold Commands. I read it once...
  5. Coragem

    Meeting Richard Morgan at Picocon, London.

    Just a quick post to say that I met Richard Morgan at the weekend. He was guest of honour at Imperial College's convension, Picocon. If you missed it, na-na na-na na. Actually, it felt bizarre. Richard did a reading, then a Q/A session in a lecture theatre, then signings. He started...
  6. Coragem

    Richard Morgan and and …?

    I've said before, I've always loved sci-fi more than fantasy, but generally I find it easy to find fantasy I like. I'm reading Richard Morgan's Black Man now. Thanks to those who suggested I give Morgan another try, after hating Broken Angels. I can't praise Black Man enough. It's...
  7. Coragem

    Another chance for Richard Morgan?

    Hi there: A couple of years ago I read and absolutely loved Altered Carbon. I rushed out and bought all the Kovacs novels, and also Black Man. And then I read Broken Angels. I hated it. Nothing much seemed to happen until the end. It was depressing. I don't mind dark characters if they...
  8. Anthony G Williams

    Broken Angels by Richard Morgan

    Richard Morgan is one of a current wave of British hard SF authors ("hard" in this sense meaning set in distant space-travelling futures with lots of advanced technology), some others being Alastair Reynolds, John Meaney, Neal Asher and (although a lot quirkier) Iain M Banks. Having said that...
  9. P

    Academic essays on Richard Morgan's work?

    Sorry if I have put this in the wrong place. I didn't know where it would belong. I'm looking for essays/academic articles/analysis of Richard Morgan's work, primarily the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furies) and Black Man. If anyone has come across...
  10. Werthead

    The Cold Commands by Richard Morgan

    A year ago, the famous swordsman Ringil Eskiath, hero of Gallow's Gap, prevented the return of the Dwenda, the ancient rulers of mankind, to the Earth. Ringil and his wartime allies, Egar the barbarian warrior and the half-Kiriath agent Archeth, stand vigilant against any future incursions by...
  11. D

    Richard Morgan: The Steel Remains

    Hi, I've been a bit of a lurker but decided to register to ask what people feel about Morgan's foray into genre fantasy. Please no spoilers, as I'm 2/3 through it (ok, you can spoil in a day or two :confused:) I really enjoyed the Kovacs trilogy and Market Forces. I found Black Man a bit...
  12. nixie

    Richard Morgan's Steel Remains

    Steel Remains, was one of my favourite reads this year. full of violence, sex, drugs, slavery etc, but it wasn't long enough. I got two thirds of the way through and thought it must be the first in a series but of course it wasn't. The ending for me was rushed, could easily have included another...
  13. AE35Unit

    Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan, review on Walker of Worlds

    Just found this-it sounds more interestig than I first thought (I'd initially wrote it off as just another cyber punk novel) Walker of Worlds: SFAM | Guest Review | Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan (Gollancz)
  14. ghostofcorwin

    Richard K. Morgan

    Just happened on a copy of 13 (Black Man in UK). Anyone read or have opinion about Morgan's work?... written a bunch of novels in the SF genre it appears. Altered Carbon the first....
  15. Werthead

    Woken Furies by Richard Morgan

    Takeshi Kovacs, an ex-Envoy now working for his own agenda, has returned to his homeworld of Harlan's World on a personal mission of vengeance. During his task he falls in with a gang of freelance mercs assigned to cleaning out the continent of New Hokkaida, where intelligent robots left behind...
  16. Werthead

    The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan

    A review of one of the most eagerly-awaited books of the year:
  17. J

    Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon

    I finished Altered Carbon after two days. I liked it a lot, had some real Bladerunner ideas in it. It's a mixture of action/adventure/detective/cyberpunk/sci-fi. Lots of sex and violence. And I don't mean romance and excitment. Although there is some of that also. I will admit that I...
  18. S

    Black Man AKA Thirteen by Richard K Morgan

    Just finished Black Man by RKM. Quite good, I must say. A considerable leap from Altered Carbon, IMO. As a preface, I liked Altered Carbon very much, though I did find some of the violence gratuitous, and objected to parts of the concept of the digitizable human mind, which I think was...
  19. Connavar

    Richard Morgan

    What do you guys think about this author? Anyone here like Takeshi Kovacs books? I cant be the only liking his writing and his world and specially the blend of Cyberpunk and Noir :rolleyes:
  20. Werthead

    Black Man by Richard Morgan - The Best SF Novel of 2007?

    Richard Morgan's latest novel, Black Man, is an precursor of sorts to his Takeshi Kovacs trilogy, set 400 years before those novels in a United States torn apart by religious, political and sociological strife. It is simultaneously a mystery novel, a high-octane action story and a deep...