raymond e feist

  1. Titus Groan

    Feist and the Love of it

    So, I just saw Raymond Feist in conversation at city hall in Brisbane, Australia. When I booked my ticket I thought, what the hell, its only an hour and they'll probably only be about 200 or so people there. When I arrived there was a queue OUT OF THE DOOR AND AROUND THE NEXT TWO BLOCKS. Over...
  2. The Big Peat

    The King's Buccaneer by Raymond E Feist

    Most people who know Feist seem to know him for his original trilogy, a sometimes odd mix of extremely Epic Fantasy and D&Desque quests. That's a shame, as a lot of his follow up works meld the two better with a higher quality of writing. The King's Buccaneer is centered on Nicholas, the...
  3. Werthead

    The Riftwar Cycle by Raymond E. Feist (and others)

    Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug by Raymond E. Feist and Stephen Abrams
  4. T

    REVIEW: Flight of the Nighthhawks (The Darkwar - Book One) by Raymond E Feist

    Once more I am dragged willingly in to the clutches of another Raymond E Feist novel, and am not disappointed... :D *****SPOILERS***** The saga of good versus evil on the planets of Midekemia and Kelewan continues... The story of this book continues about a year after the end of the...
  5. rune

    Bibliography - Raymond E Feist

    The published details for Feist, a much loved author by many readers :) Please do feel free to add any other book details for this author to keep this thread up to date. Riftwar Magician (1982) 1. Magician: Apprentice (1982) 2. Magician: Master (1982) 3. Silverthorn (1985) 4. A...