raymond e feist

  1. nixie

    A Darkness Returns.

    Looks like it will be released in August. First in a new series, Dragonwar saga. Will be a return to Midkemia and will tie in the Firemane Saga.
  2. B

    Who is Greater Piers Anthony or Raymond E Feist ?

    Two of the most popular writers of this era Piers Anthony whose most famous creation is Xanth series though he done other books and series of note vs Raymond E Feist who has given us Rift War and his Midkemia books. Of the two , which do you think is greater and has had the most impact. ?
  3. nixie

    Riftwar TV Series.

    I shouldn't get my hopes up, will probably be a let down but I'm still excited, they may get it right. https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2022/02/the-riftwar-cycle-fantasy-books-television-writers-hannah-friedman-jacob-pinion-nick-bernardone-1234923198/amp/
  4. biodroid

    Rise of a Merchant Prince

    I am trying to understand without any spoilers from those who have read the book, is it a boring book about how to start a business in a fantasy setting or is there more to it?
  5. Magnus&theArts

    An interview with Raymond E. Feist 20180430

    Hi there! I'm a documentary film maker and I love stories. I picked up Ray's Magician in 1995 and it hooked me on his storytelling for many years to come. A few years ago we became friends on Facebook and earlier this year when Ray announced that HarperCollins was going to send him on an...
  6. Titus Groan

    Feist and the Love of it

    So, I just saw Raymond Feist in conversation at city hall in Brisbane, Australia. When I booked my ticket I thought, what the hell, its only an hour and they'll probably only be about 200 or so people there. When I arrived there was a queue OUT OF THE DOOR AND AROUND THE NEXT TWO BLOCKS. Over...
  7. The Big Peat

    The King's Buccaneer by Raymond E Feist

    Most people who know Feist seem to know him for his original trilogy, a sometimes odd mix of extremely Epic Fantasy and D&Desque quests. That's a shame, as a lot of his follow up works meld the two better with a higher quality of writing. The King's Buccaneer is centered on Nicholas, the...
  8. A

    Exile’s Return

    Exile’s Return Raymond E. Feist Eos, Apr 2005, $25.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0380977109 Once the mighty Duke of Olasko, nomads have now captured the magically exiled Kaspar halfway around the world. The deposed evil aristocrat ultimately escapes his bondage and is obsessed with avenging his defeat and...
  9. A

    Jimmy the Hand-Raymond E. Feist & S.M. Stirling

    Jimmy the Hand Raymond E. Feist & S.M. Stirling Eos, Aug 2008, $13.95 ISBN: 9780060792947 The Mockers enable the royals Arutha and Anita to flee Krondor and the assault of Duke Guy du Bas-Ytra. The irate city ruler demands his thugs bring him the head of teen thief Jimmy the Hand and the other...
  10. A

    Rides a Dread Legion-Raymond E. Feist

    Rides a Dread Legion Raymond E. Feist Eos, Mar 31 2009, $26.99 ISBN: 9780061468360 For over a century, the horde of the Demon King Maarg has defeated the Taredhel elves, kicking the ancient race off of many planets and leaving few left. After their latest defeat on Andcardia, the desperate...
  11. A

    At the Gates of Darkness-Raymond E. Feist

    At the Gates of Darkness Raymond E. Feist Eos, Apr 6 2010, $26.99 ISBN 9780061468377 Insane necromancer Belasco called up and sent demons to destroy Midkemia. However, a shaky alliance between enemies, especially Pug the Black Sorcerer of Sorcerer’s Isle and the Conclave of Shadows led by field...
  12. A

    A Kingdom Besieged-Raymond E. Feist

    A Kingdom Besieged Raymond E. Feist Harper, Apr 12 2011, $27.99 ISBN: 9780061468391 On the world of Midkemia, the Lands of the Kingdom and the Empire seem at peace as the former gained land lost to the latter during the last war. Surface serenity proves deceiving because for years the Empire...
  13. A

    A Crown Imperiled-Raymond E. Feist

    A Crown Imperiled Raymond E. Feist Harper Voyager, Mar 13 2012, $27.99 ISBN: 9780061468414 Jim Dasher and his espionage unit conclude Midkemia appears on the verge of deadly chaos and there seems to be nothing they can do to prevent what looks inevitable as hostilities explode almost...
  14. A

    Magician’s End-Raymond E. Feist

    Magician’s End Raymond E. Feist Harper Voyager, May 14 2013, $29.99 ISBN: 9780061468438 With the death of King Gregory, the Congress of Lords meets to select the new ruler of the Kingdom of the Isles. However, there are no blood ties so an obvious frontrunner does not exist. The Congress...
  15. Werthead

    The Riftwar Cycle by Raymond E. Feist (and others)

    Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug by Raymond E. Feist and Stephen Abrams
  16. R

    The Riftwar Saga, Disappointing?

    I'd heard how great this series was, so after finishing Hobb's Farseer Trilogy (great trilogy), I broke down and bought the first two books. I'm very disappointed. Looks like I'm going to barely finish the first book, then look for something better. It's unrealistic. Some kid, barely above a...
  17. S

    Loved Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, will i like Raymond E Feist's work?

    Im almost finished Donaldsons "the chronicles of thomas covenant", bar the latest book 1 of the final chronicles, but i have to wait for xmas for that. my bro has a heap of books by Raymond E Feist. the only title i remember is " a darkness at sethannon". are they good books, are they gritty, or...
  18. GOLLUM

    Tad Williams/Raymond E Feist Comic

    Hi all...:D I know Rune recently brought up a question I think either here or on her own site about the short stories The Wood Boy (Rayomnd E Feist from his Riftwar saga) and The Burnning Man (Tad Williams from his Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy) and their appearance in the Legends fantasy...
  19. T

    REVIEW: Flight of the Nighthhawks (The Darkwar - Book One) by Raymond E Feist

    Once more I am dragged willingly in to the clutches of another Raymond E Feist novel, and am not disappointed... :D *****SPOILERS***** The saga of good versus evil on the planets of Midekemia and Kelewan continues... The story of this book continues about a year after the end of the...
  20. R

    Feist, Raymond E: Daughter of the Empire

    Co-writter Janny Wurt First of a trilogy, the others: Servant of the Empire and Mistress of the Empire. This is a tense political intrigue novel set in a fantasy world full of elegant and regal customs and the required levels of cliched deeply devoted honour. Not a particularly fast...