ray bradbury

  1. J

    Ray Bradbury

    Just learned via Brad Torgeson that Ray Bradbury died today aged 91. A good innings but still very sad.
  2. K

    Looking for an illustrated ray bradbury

    I am looking for a book I had in the 80's. It was a colored illustrated collection I believe of Ray Bradbury stories. I remember it had The Veldt and a robot story with the laws of robotics. Can anyone help?
  3. Extollager

    Ray Bradbury, Ellis, and Zallinger

    Gotta love this art: Now here is the magnificent (fanciful) Yale mural by Zallinger:
  4. Extollager

    Bradbury's October Country

    This is just a note to direct fans of Bradbury's collection of macabre stories to the Classic SF zone here at Chronicles Forums, and to a thread there on The Good Ray Bradbury Stories -- which will direct you to where I'm sort of blogging about the stories. ....It sounds more complicated than...
  5. Extollager

    The good Ray Bradbury stories

    I would like readers to compile here a list of the Ray Bradbury stories that they really like. I think many of us feel that Bradbury is an uneven writer; some of this stories, perhaps usually early ones, are favorites, while we don't care for some of his others. Hit or miss. (NB By "stories"...
  6. jchris

    Favourite Ray Bradbury story?

    Do you have a favorite Ray Bradbury story? I like the Illustrated Man stuff. I thought that was a very clever way of putting the short stories together. I like the story about the kids who were addicted to the virtual nursery. The Veldt. Very insightful. I don't remember the name of it, and...
  7. Moontravler

    Ray Bradbury - please help!

    Hi guys Please help me out as to which of Bradbury's short stories or short story collections are the best. I know not all of his work lies in the horror genre, so could you possibly help me as to which are his best in the horror genre?
  8. katiafish

    Ray Bradbury

    I have not seen anyone mention Ray Bradbury, is it considered lame to like his books, especially his Science Fiction? Because I do, and I wonder if anyone else does.
  9. Nesacat

    The Illustrated Man (Ray Bradbury)

    I recently re-read ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man. It's something I do every so often and this might help explain the ever-growing to-be-read pile. Anyway I was wondering what the book would be like illustrated. As a graphic novel. What do you think? One artist for the whole book or an artist...
  10. P

    The Martian Chronicles

    I'm reading the Martian Chronicles right now and so far it's a really good book. I loved the chapter where the guys in the rocket ship land on Mars and the Martians confuse them for Insane asylum patients. Have you read the Martian Chronicles?
  11. Connavar

    Ray Bradbury (Spoilers if you havent read The Illustrated Man)

    Im reading The Illustrated Man at the moment and enjoying it to bits. First i like the hole freaky and sad thing The Illustrated Man is and the short stories that come from him is very good so far. Do you guys remember The Other Foot ? I liked it but at the same time i thought the end...
  12. M

    Fahrenheit 451

    Has anybody here ever read this book by Ray Bradbury? In a nutshell, its basically about some person who lives in a society where books are burned and people learn only through television. The main character is a book burner. The name of the book was inspired by the temperature at which paper...
  13. Culhwch

    Bradbury thread...

    Just a heads up about this thread: http://www.chronicles-network.com/forum/5599-bradbury-3.html I wanted to bring this up in here first because one of the erstwhile antagonists is a moderator, Teresa. JD first brought this thread to my attention this morning, fearing it would flare up. He'd...
  14. McMurphy

    Ray Bradbury Theater

    Has anyone else watched any episodes from the '80s television series, The Ray Bradbury Theater? The first volume on DVD, which includes thirteen episodes on a single disc, is priced under ten bucks (U.S. dollars). Actually, I purchaseed the volume a few months ago back in San Francisco, but I...
  15. Robert M. Blevins

    The Bradbury Chronicles

    The Chicago Sun-Times ran an article in its Sunday supplement with a picture of author Sam Weller dressed in a spacesuit and holding up a copy of his new book, 'The Bradbury Chronicles.' The subheading reads: "How Weller got to write the life story of his childhood hero..." Weller appears on...
  16. JohnSnow

    Ray Bradbury?

    I am fairly new to CN, but I do not see very many people discussing Ray Bradbury. I was just wondering if anyone out there was a fan or reading anything of his. He was my favorite author growing up, but he wasn't entirely Sci-Fi. Not sure what other people would categorize his works.
  17. A


    Bradbury is of course one of the premier fantasy writers (well in my own opinion) and I wondered why there was so little on him on the site.. No bio, no reviews ah well. This shall serve the purpose. Just a discussion on which books were the best, and which short stories you enjoyed the most ^^
  18. R

    Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451

    Synopsis Guy Montag is a book-burning fireman undergoing a crisis of faith. His wife spends all day with her television "family", imploring Montag to work harder so that they can afford a fourth TV wall. Their dull, empty life sharply contrasts with that of his next-door neighbour Clarisse, a...
  19. McMurphy

    Bradbury & Moore (things are getting wierd)

    Excuse me if someone already posted this, but has anyone seen the news coverage of Ray Bradbury's venomous reaction to finding out that Michael Moore got his title for his new documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, from the novel Fahrenheit 451? Let's just say I won't repeat some of the names that...
  20. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    Ray Bradbury on the exploration of Mars

    SF author Ray Bradbury recently spoke to a presidential commision reviewing Bush's Mars: 2020 proposal. He spoke in favour of the mission, naturally, feeling that it would give us homo saps something to focus on other than running around the planet shooting each other dead. He also pointed out...