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    Erebus - The Blurb

    It's time for me to start nailing down the blurb for Erebus. As there is a substantial mystery component to it, it's quite tricky to give too much away without giving spoilers so a lot of what has to go into it is more thematic than actual facts, but give enough for a potential reader to...
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    Some Review Analysis

    Was just thumbing through my audible reviews, and it occurred to me there is some interesting analytics that can be taken from it. The empirical stuff first. Much like on the main Amazon page, (and Audible, I understand, IS Amazon) it operates off a 1 - 5 star system. The primary difference...
  3. Gary Compton

    Ralph Kern's Endeavour now available in paperback...

    Ralph Kern's hugely successful novel, Endeavour is available on the Tickety Boo website for only £6.99 Grab a bargain while you can. http://shop.ticketyboopress.co.uk/index.php?id_product=78&controller=product
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    Endeavour: The Movie

    Some very exciting news. I have been approached by a Hollywood based screenwriter / producer who wants to have a crack at an adaption of Endeavour for the silver screen. I will emphasize, this is the start of a very long process with many hurdles and potential failure points to overcome. That...
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    Article on the Fermi Paradox

    This is an article on the Fermi Paradox I wrote for SFFWorld. Enjoy. :) http://www.sffworld.com/2015/06/the-fermi-paradox-where-are-they-by-ralph-kern/
  6. Gary Compton

    Endeavour by Ralph Kern is 99c/99p...

    ...for a few days. Get your copy and enjoy a wonderful story edited by award-winning Ian Sales and Jennifer L. Carson Here is a nice interview with Ralph on SFF World to whet your appetite. http://www.sffworld.com/2015/05/ralph-kern-interview/
  7. Gary Compton

    Win Ralph Kern's Endeavour Audio Book CD...

    Ok if you Tweet of Facebook share the link of Ralph's book on Amazon US which is shown below, with a complimentary comment, we will put you into a hat to win this CD of this amazing story, narrated by the legendary Michael Kramer and of course written by the multi-talented Ralph Kern and edited...
  8. Brian G Turner

    Review: Endeavour by Ralph Kern

    Have you ever read a thick trilogy of books and thought that there was a really good novel in there somewhere, only it's been drowned out with irrelevant filling and digressions just to make a series? Well, that's what Ralph Kern's Endeavour is - a strong novel with so many ideas it could...
  9. ralphkern

    Great looking fan films and kick starters

    Having discovered a project called 'Predator - Dark Ages' the other day, I've revisited some of the good looking fan films that are out there to reassure myself they can do it justice. Does anyone else know any good ones? Star Wars - Imps the Relentless: The evolution of the old 'Troops' rip...
  10. ralphkern

    Endeavour audio book plus sample

    Having just come back form my holiday... it is slightly surreal to find a sample of my audio book up on Tantor's website. Exciting times! https://tantor.com/endeavour-ralph-kern.html
  11. ralphkern

    Putting things in perspective

    There are a few of these kinds of videos floating around, but wow!!!
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    Does your book have a soundtrack?

    With the recent good news about Endeavour going audio, I've been reflecting that I've got a some music that I use to get me in the mood to work on my WIPs, that would probably make good sound tracks to them. The only downside is that because I've tended to encounter this music as part of films...
  13. Gary Compton

    Ralph Kern joins Tickety Boo with Endeavour...

    I said on Facebook that we might start a journey today. Ralph Kern has joined the Tickety Boo Starship for the ride of his life. His book: an Amazon Top Ten seller is being moved across to Tickety Boo Towers as we speak. It should be available again tomorrow. It has been a massive success in...
  14. ralphkern

    Charity appeal

    Hey Chronners, I'm doing the Birmingham Half Marathon on October 19th to support Cancer Research UK. I just wanted to see if any of your good selves can be parted from your hard-earned cash in order to build up some good karma. (And therefore fate will help you sell lots of books, get an...
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    Book copy editing services

    I have re-released my book on Amazon for the last month and a half and am pleased to be getting great reviews with one reoccurring negative theme: The dreaded editing. I have, so far, made more than enough off of it to be able to run it through a professional editor and am quite happy to...
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    I am half way through the first draft of my second novel which forms what is best described as a 'sidequel'. The first book is a science fiction that covers around 300 years of time, objectively and follows the adventures of one set of characters. (subjectively, due to the nature of their...
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    This is why I want to start playing WOW

    I seem to have gone to sleep and woken up in a strange alternative reality... Mila Kunis About WoW - YouTube