poul anderson

  1. Fried Egg

    "The Broken Sword" by Poul Anderson

    I've just finished this book and, I must say, am well impressed with it. One of the best fantasy stories I have read and I wonder why there aren't more out there like it. Ok, there probably are, I just don't know about them... My only criticism is that the ending was rather abrubt, almost...
  2. T

    Earthman, Go Home! and Mayday Orbit

    Hi there all. This is my first post here. Im a scifi book collector from Sweden who is now in the process of replacing all my pocketbooks with the hardcover versions. A tough job...but fun. Right now I'm looking for Poul Anderson´s Earthman, Go Home! ( aka A Plague of Masters) and Mayday Orbit...
  3. Teresa Edgerton

    BOOK REVIEWS: The Broken Sword, and Kingdoms of Elfin

    TWO CLASSIC TALES OF FAERIE -- ANDERSON'S THE BROKEN SWORD, AND WARNER'S KINGDOMS OF ELFIN I thought it might be a good idea to review these two books together, since they are both about the denizens of Faerie, are in no way influenced by Tolkien’s conception of elves (although Anderson...
  4. nixie

    Poul Anderson

    I've just purchased an omnibus edition of Three Hearts & Three Lions/Broken Sword by Poul Anderson from my book club.Can anyone tell me what sort of fantasy it is and if its any good?
  5. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    Poul Anderson

    Poul Anderson (1926 - 2001) was one of the Golden Age greats. He was a prolific writer, and based on the fact the few novels and stories I've read are from various stages of his career, he was probably pretty consistent too. He was equally adept at hard sf, fantasy and a blend of the two...
  6. S

    Poul Anderson Dead At 74

    Award-winning SF author Poul Anderson, the prolific author of more than 100 books, died July 31 of prostate cancer at his home in Orinda, Calif., according to his publisher, Tor Books. He was 74. With a career spanning more than 50 years, Anderson was considered one of the best writers in the...