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  1. D

    Reccomend a book by CJ Cerryh and/or Poul Anderson.

    Both good SF Authors.
  2. Mike J Nagle

    Poul Anderson's Technic History Reading-Order Flowchart

    Hello. Here is a reading-order flowchart that covers Poul Anderson's Technic History (Polesotechnic League) stories (Van Rijn, Flandry, etc.). This flowchart is primarily based on the excellent Technic History timeline created by Sandra Miesel. I hope you all like it. Of course, comments...
  3. The Big Peat

    Three Hearts and Three Lions by Poul Anderson

    Friends, fantasists, comrades. I am here to talk about what is probably one of the most influential books in the genre. A big claim but consider this brief synopsis. During WW2, an engineer named Holger Carlsen joins the Danish Resistance. He is wounded while covering the escape of Niels Bohr...
  4. B

    Who Do You Think is Greater, Robert A Heinlein or Poul Anderson ?

    Robert A Heinlein The Man who gave us Such Novels as Stanger in A Strange Land, Starship Troopers, Glory Road , The Moon is Harsh , Mistress and and so many other great novels and stories...
  5. Al Jackson

    Tau Zero at 50

    Not only is this the 50th anniversary of Tau Zero but also Niven's Ringworld was published in 1970. Interesting that two 'hard SF; novels were up for a Hugo in 1971. Ringworld won. One also notes the Bussard Interstellar Ram Jet is 60 years old this year. Published in 1960.
  6. Bick

    Favourite Poul Anderson Novel

    I'm a fan of Poul Anderson, and have read perhaps the majority of his most famous works, but there are doubtless hidden gems I've not read, and I'm also just curious which are the favourite books of the Chronicles learned collective - hence a poll. (A poll for Poul :)) There are three votes...
  7. Al Jackson

    Tau Zero

    Poul Anderson's Tau Zero is a hard SF novel all fans should read!
  8. Al Jackson

    Poul Anderson?

    I have a recollection of reading a Poul Anderson science fiction novel, with the following? I may be miss-remembering it may have been someone else. Anyone recall the following situation? In what novel? There is a description in a Poul Anderson novel, (I think!?) I can’t remember the novel, of...
  9. Al Jackson

    Poul Anderson and Techic History (Flandry)

    Space Opera evolved out of Buck Rogers , Flash Gordon and Doc Smith (there are others), it was transformed by Asimov (Foundation) and Heinlein (lots of others) (under the tutelage of John Campbell) into a more ‘domesticated’ form of adventure that engaged the mind at a higher level of...
  10. Lew Rockwell Fan

    question for Poul Anderson or Larry Niven fans

    Somewhere in this very room I'm typing in I have paperbacks with the answers to my question, but even if I knew for sure which ones to look for, I'm darned if I could find them. (Yeah, I kinda neatness challenged). Poul Anderson (I think it was him, but correct me if I misremember) took a poem...
  11. A

    Young Flandry-Poul Anderson

    Young Flandry Poul Anderson Baen, Jan 2010, $13.00 ISBN: 9781439133279 “Ensign Flandry”. In 3019, Terran Empire Imperial Navy security chief on Planet Starkad Commander Max Abrams recruits intelligent and debonair in spite of his young age Dominic Flandry as an ensign, a glorious title for a...
  12. A

    Sir Dominic Flandry The Last Knight of Terra-Poul Anderson

    Sir Dominic Flandry The Last Knight of Terra Poul Anderson Baen, Dec 7 2010, $13.00 ISBN: 9781439134016 “Earthman, Go Home”. Although the natives prefer he leave, Captain Sir Dominic Flandry of the Intelligence Corps, Imperial Terrestrial Navy visits the lost world Unan Besar. His mission is to...
  13. A

    The Man-Kzin Wars-Larry Niven, Poul Anderson and Dean Ing

    The Man-Kzin Wars Larry Niven, Poul Anderson and Dean Ing Baen, Jun 4 2013, $15.00 ISBN: 9781451639001 “The Warriors” by Larry Niven. The Golden Age’s three centuries of prosperity and peace come to an end when humanity and kzinti meet for the first time as the former are tranquil and the...
  14. AE35Unit

    Poul Anderson SF recommendations?

    I've read, and enjoyed Tau Zero and The Enemy Stars, but many people know him more for his fantasy. But what other hard SF works of his are worth hunting out?
  15. AE35Unit

    The Enemy Stars by Poul Anderson (1959)

    4 men are signed up for a mission aboard a ship destined for Alpha Crucis. The ship, called the Southern Cross, is already in deep space but there is a device to transport them instantly to wherever the ship is, kind of like Star Trek's Teleporters. Then there is an error in the ship's...
  16. S

    Poul Anderson Short Story

    I'm looking for a short story by Poul Anderson that was referenced in a page at TVTropes. Here's the description: "There is a Poul Anderson short story in which a white-collar worker has his soul switched with a Conan-esque barbarian warlord. In the end, the goddess that switched them offers...
  17. AE35Unit

    New Poul Anderson anthology coming out!

    Got this in an email from Subterranean Press: http://www.subterraneanpress.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=bear01&Category_Code=PRE&Product_Count=2
  18. Anthony G Williams

    Tau Zero by Poul Anderson

    Poul Anderson was one of the most productive SFF writers of the second half of the last century, publishing about a hundred books and winning seven Hugo and three Nebula awards. His first book was published in 1953 and his last fifty years later, two years after his death. Tau Zero was published...
  19. Coragem

    Poul Anderson. Where to start?

    Well, I've been intending to give Poul Anderson's work a try for some time now. However, having looked over his whopping body of work I'm not sure where to start. I've been looking at Tau Zero and The Broken Sword, simply because the first made it into the SF Masterworks series, and the...
  20. Anthony G Williams

    The Enemy Stars by Poul Anderson

    Poul Anderson is one of the "greats" of SF so I looked forward to re-reading this novel. Somewhat to my surprise, I was unable to recall anything about it as I read it, but at least that meant I could enjoy it without knowing the outcome! First published in 1958, 'The Enemy Stars' was slightly...