philip reeve

  1. Vertigo

    Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

    This is a bit difficult for me to review fairly; I do sometimes like YA but mostly not, so I figured I’d give this one a go as I’ve heard so much about it over the years along with the rather more recent film, albeit a rather unsuccessful one I believe. However, I sadly found it far too juvenile...
  2. Culhwch

    The Hungry City Chronicles

    Has anyone here read The Hungry City Chronicles - Mortal Engines, Predator's Gold, and Infernal Devices - by Philip Reeve? I saw them in the book store today, very much attracted by the cool cover art more than anything, but they sound interesting and I was wondering what they are like. They did...
  3. Mark Robson

    Philip Reeve

    Anyone tried 'Mortal Engines' by Phillip Reeve? This is written to be a young person's story, but I loved the writing and the idea was fantastic. There's now a sequel called Predator's Gold, for which I'm waiting (not very patiently) to come into paperback. The story is post apocolyptic...