philip k dick

  1. Terence Park

    Favourite Dick Novel, Drugs, In Perspective + Poll

    Best Philip K Dick Novel The Guardian ran an article on Dick’s Best Novels chosen by Nicola Barker, Michael Moorcock, and Adam Roberts on 27th August 2017 at Philip K Dick Best Novels. There's all the normal stuff you'd expect to see - Adam Roberts sensibly chose Do Androids Dream of Electric...
  2. Fried Egg

    Electric Dreams

    In case you hadn't noticed, there's a new series on Channel 4 of Philip K. Dick short story adaptations called "Electric Dreams". First episode airing on Sunday 17th (2017). Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams: Everything you need to know
  3. Extollager

    Phil Dick's Anti-Abortion Story

    What's the title of that story again? Thanks.
  4. Sigfrid von Shrink

    Ubik by Philip K Dick

    It is 1992, and some sections of humanity have developed psychic capabilities, while others have developed the ability to suppress the capabilities of others. When Glen Runciter, the boss of an anti-psychic company is apparently murdered by business rivals, time appears to start regressing, and...
  5. Charlotte_Newman

    VALIS 'trilogy'

    Hi all, Was curious to read your thoughts on VALIS as a trilogy. Has anyone had the opportunity to read Tess Dick's The Owl in Darkness?
  6. Fried Egg

    It's official - Substance D has been discovered...

    Skunk 'causes damage to vital nerve fibres' "Substance D" being, for those who don't know, the powerful psychoactive drug that the protagonist of "A Scanner Darkly" uses in his role as an undercover policeman that causes the two hemispheres of his brain to function independently. Are there no...
  7. J

    Sequel to High Castle

    I've just finished rereading The Man in the High Castle. I note that several major story arcs are left unresolved at the end, and one of these even seems to be the main one. This seems to beg a sequel but Dick never wrote one. Is one possibly being planned, as this new tv series seems to be...
  8. J-Sun

    Pick a Dick

    Here's a nearly pointless thread: there are ten PKD books I don't have and haven't read that I don't have no interest in (if you see what I'm saying - not a double negative) and I figured people could argue over what the best one of this otherwise completely not-set-ical set of books is. :) I do...
  9. T

    novels based on short stories

    Hi I have been looking for a info about pkd short stories which he later made into novels. Like A Terran Odyssey / Dr. Bloodmoney. I remember there being several others. A comprehensive list of some sort would be fantastic.
  10. W

    In Pursuit of Valis vs. The Exegesis?

    Hi all: I own the original In Pursuit of Valis: Selections from the Exegesis (ed. Lawrence Sutin; 1991) and wondering whether to buy the much newer Exegesis (ed. Jackson & Lethem; 2011). Is there substantial cross-over of material, or is the new version really new? Thanks. - WTS
  11. Terence Park

    The World Dick Made

    I was certain that chrome on my PC had been infected by a virus; after a bit of digging, I realised that Google had done their usual: we’ve decided to change the interface and we’re sure you’ll like it but we won’t warn you. Of course this sent my bile and spleen emitters into overdrive...
  12. Vince W

    The Man in the High Castle - filming has begun

    Here's an image:
  13. Alex The G and T

    The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick. illustrated by R Crumb I was actually able to put on my reading glasses, get up close to the desktop screen and read the entire text. Fascinating.
  14. J

    New Undiscovered Philip Dick work?

    I have heard that the manuscript of a newly discovered Philip Dick story is going to be auctioned at Sotheby’s on December 2nd. Has anyone heard anything about this? Thanks. J
  15. A

    Can anyone help me recognise this PKD book?

    Hi All I am a huge PKD fan and a while back I was blundering through a website of his back catalogue and read the description of a story (either short or book) and it has been bugging me that I forgot the name so therefore couldn't get the story itself to read and enjoy. What I remember...
  16. A

    looking for other authors like PKD

    I've read several PKD books and love him as an author. But as the supply of new PKD content runs low, I want to find others authors out there like him. Any suggestions?
  17. D

    Cover artwork

    Hi all, I recently remodeled our study into more of a hobby room for myself. I want to make some custom artwork (have an image printed on canvas) for one of the walls that became available after removing a closet. I want to put the original covers of all my favorite PKD books (well to be...
  18. S

    The Man In The High Castle: Not Impressed

    Phillip K Dick: ALL must bow down and worship him... Unless you're a freethinker who has a non-groupthink style intelligence. PHK was an amazing writer, no doubt, but his "Man in The High Castle" was neither award-warented, not particularly imaginititive writing. The story, at the time it was...
  19. S

    Philip K. Dick journals to be published

    4th May 2010 08:36 PM Elaine Frei It has been announced that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will publish a two-volume edition of award-winning science fiction writer Philip K. Dick’s personal journals, which he called Exegesis. The journals were largely Dick’s attempt to make sense of a series...
  20. S

    Phillip K. Dick novel in ?graphic translation?

    13th August 2009 09:00 PM Elaine Frei Boom! Studios has produces what it calls a “graphic translation” of Phillip K. Dick’s 1968 novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The series will consist of about 24 issues, with the first issue released in July. The issues will also likely be...