philip jose farmer

  1. Bick

    Philip Jose Farmer book with Silverberg Cover

    Hi, I don't know if this has ever come up before, but what do you think? The Grafton (1980s) paperback release of Philip Jose Farmer's "Dayworld", clearly has a cover that depicts the Urbmons of Robert Silverberg's "The World Inside". I wonder why? Anyone else noticed this? It does not...
  2. biodroid

    Philip Jose Farmer - Passed away

    Haven't read any of his books but I thought it should be mention that he passed away. Sci-fi author dies: Entertainment: International: News24
  3. booksforlunch

    Riverworld by Philip José Farmer

    Today I found a pamphlet in a newly purchased book, showing the new releases of the publisher´s Fantasy - line. They are putting out new german paperback editions of the Riverworld series, and ever since I, when I was around twelve, read a short summary of the series in an old Science - Fiction...
  4. Addy

    Maker of Universes (World of Tiers series)

    I just finished reading Maker of Universes, by Philip Jose Farmer, which is the first book in the World of Tiers series. Anyone else read it? How do you like it? I found the first book was deeply rooted in the pulp tradition, and very much indebted to the pioneers of science fiction, like...
  5. The Wanderer

    Philip José Farmer

    I'm just reading, 'The Unreasoning Mask', great read Never read, 'To Your Scattered Bodies Go', would like to though Any Opinions?
  6. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    To Your Scattered Bodies Go: Philip Jose Farmer

    Philip Jose Famer's 1971 novel-length debut is a widely succesful, and much-loved SF classic. It won the 1972 Hugo for Best Novel and spawned a succesful series of linked novels set in the Riverworld. So what is it all about? The concept is simple, and sweeping. All of humanity - including...
  7. T

    Farmer, Philip Jose- Riverworld

    Riverworld I watched this film on the sci-fi channel and it was great. I was wondering where is the best place to get the book There is a pic below of the specified film