peter f hamilton

  1. Werthead

    The Chronicle of the Fallers by Peter F. Hamilton

    Book 1: The Abyss Beyond Dreams
  2. adomol

    Where is the Peter F. Hamilton thread?

    I'm new here and found it very curious that Peter F. Hamilton does not have a forum in the authors section. He is without question a giant in the hard sci fi and space opera genre and yet he seems to be missing. Wondering if there is a reason for this or it just that it has not been started...
  3. the Jester

    Any Other Peter F. Hamilton Fans?

    Like the title says- I noticed he doesn't have his own subforum. Personally, I'm increasingly impressed by him the more I read. He writes great space combat, especially in the Night's Dawn trilogy, which is probably his worst work (and it's still pretty darn good, with quite a few flashes of...
  4. AndrewT

    Banks or Hamilton?

    I have not read very much of the newer sci fi so in the new year I am either going to tackle Iain Banks (Culture) or Peter Hamilton beginning with Night's Dawn. I can't decide which one so what do you recommend/vote for? Compare them if you read both. Either one of those would be a huge...
  5. N

    Peter Hamilton alike books

    From all my Sci-Fi books I've read Peter Hamilton is by far the best I've read. I've read both The Commonwealth Saga and Night's Dawn Trilogy. I'm looking for somethings like those books. Sc-Fi in overdrive: space colonization, aliens, war, high tech weapons, cloning, etc. all is permitted...
  6. A

    Peter F Hamilton, Stan Nicholls and Janet Edwards at Birmingham Book Festival!

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to pass on a quick reminder of this Monday's great event at Birmingham Book Festival - get yourself down to The Custard Factory in Brimingham if you can for a great night of SF and fantasy with a superb line-up of speakers! Full details and booking info on the event...
  7. Werthead

    Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton

    Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton
  8. Ian Whates

    Review of Solaris Rising: Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton, Pat Cadigan, etc

    Lois Tilton has posted a pretty positive review of the anthology on the Locus website:
  9. Werthead

    Manhattan in Reverse by Peter F. Hamilton

    Best-known for his immense doorstoppers, Peter F. Hamilton is also an experienced writer of SF short stories. Manhattan in Reverse is his second collection of short fiction, collecting together seven stories published over the last eleven years. Unlike his first collection, A Second Chance...
  10. Ian Whates

    Solaris Rising: Ian McDonald, Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton

    I've just finalised the line-up for an anthology of all new SF stories I've been commissioned to produce for Solaris - Solaris Rising: The New Book of Solaris Science Fiction. So what do you reckon? A book you're itching to read, or not really of any interest? 1. Introduction – Ian Whates 2. A...
  11. Ian Whates

    China Mieville, Steven Erikson, Peter F Hamilton, mass Signing Event in Cambridge

    Heffers Book Shop in Cambridge are organising a 'Mass Author' signing event for the evening of Wednesday 11th May, starting at 6.30 pm. The evening is still taking shape but it will feature some of the biggest names in genre fiction as well as several debut novelists and those in between (me...
  12. Werthead

    The Evolutionary Void by Peter F. Hamilton

    The Galaxy is in a state of turmoil. Millions of members of the Living Dream movement are preparing to plunge into the enigmatic Void at the heart of the Milky Way, believing it will deliver them to paradise. Others fear it will destroy the Galaxy altogether. The Ocisen Empire has allied with...
  13. StormFeather

    Peter F Hamilton - Second Chance at Eden

    I recently stumbled across 'A Second Chance at Eden' in an old box of books, given to me by my Dad. At the time, the author wasn't familiar, and I had no pre-conceptions of what I might encounter. The first story had me gripped, and left me with a deep impression. The rest of the stories...
  14. Werthead

    The Night's Dawn Saga by Peter F. Hamilton

    A Second Chance at Eden
  15. Werthead

    The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton

    The latest book by Britain's biggest-selling living SF author. The first volume in The Void Trilogy, The Dreaming Void, was an enjoyable novel but not up there with Peter F. Hamilton's best. The story took a little long to get going and the links between Edeard's story in the Void and of events...
  16. R

    Pandora's Star by Peter Hamilton

    I've been chewing through Hamilton's massive 1000 page Pandora's Star. I'm not quite finished, but I thought I'd go ahead and see if anyone has read this and enjoyed it. With a novel this big, he has room to introduce numerous characters and settings. At times it almost seems like too much, but...
  17. Brian G Turner

    Peter F Hamilton - The Reality Dysfunction

    I found the book to be over-written, badly structured, and mostly irrelevant. The first four hundred pages were spent following - in depth - entirely peripheral characters. Yes, Hamilton does write well, and he really is very good at writing character. Essentially I actually do think he's a...
  18. Werthead

    The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton

    Peter F. Hamilton has put up an extract of his new novel, The Dreaming Void (Book 1 of The Void Trilogy), on his website (see link). The book will be published in the UK in August 2007 and in the USA in spring 2008. Book 2, previously entitled Life of Dreams (no, PFH has not read Robert Jordan...
  19. Werthead

    Peter F. Hamilton

    Since there's been a suggestion for a thread on Peter F. Hamilton... Peter F. Hamilton is Britain's biggest-selling science fiction author. He started his career by publishing short stories in Interzone and Fear magazines from 1987 onwards and published his first novels in the early 1990s...
  20. Chimeco

    Judas Unchained - Peter Hamilton

    *****SPOILER TALK Anyone read it yet? LOVED it, up until halfway into to the book after the commonwealth get's attacked again. What a letdown. I was SURE the commonwealth would be destroyed and they'd have to flee to the far off reaches of the galaxy and rebuild their civilizations, and in...