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  1. Werthead

    Synners by Pat Cadigan

  2. J-Sun

    Pat Cadigan - The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi and Other Stories

    Where is it? :) Seriously - how is it possible that Pat Cadigan has written three or four dozen stories in the past twenty years since her last collection, including a Hugo winner to provide the title hook, and publishes repeatedly in anthologies put out by publishers who also put...
  3. Ian Whates

    Fermi Paradox: Mike Resnick, Pat Cadigan, Robert Reed...

    So, no one would be interested in an anthology of all original stories themed on the Fermi Paradox written by scientists as well as top SF writers (including Pat Cadigan, Mike Resnick, Paul Cornell, Robert Reed, Paul di Filippo, Eric Brown, Tricia Sullivan, Mercurio D Rivera, George Zebrowski...
  4. J-Sun

    Pat Cadigan Interview

    Interview @ Pat Cadigan rocks. :)
  5. Ian Whates

    Alastair Reynolds, Pat Cadigan, Eric Brown, signing in London

    I'm delighted to announce that, to mark the launch of Solaris Rising: the New Book of Solaris Science Fiction, an event has been organised by those nice people at Forbidden Planet in London. Between 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm on Saturday November 26th, Alastair Reynolds, Pat Cadigan, Eric Brown...
  6. Ian Whates

    Review of Solaris Rising: Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton, Pat Cadigan, etc

    Lois Tilton has posted a pretty positive review of the anthology on the Locus website:
  7. Ian Whates

    Paul Cornell, Paul McAuley, Pat Cadigan: NewCon 5

    Yes, just when you thought it was safe to put away your convention callendars, we have... NEWCON 5!! Northampton, October 9th to 10th. Guests of Honour: Pat Cadigan, Paul Cornell, Paul McAuley Chaired by: Ian Watson and Ian Whates. Pat Cadigan: The Queen of Cyberpunk. Winner of two...
  8. Ian Whates

    Subterfuge: Neal Asher, Tanith Lee, Pat Cadigan etc

    Hi, Just to alert people to the launch of the latest (and quite excellent, if I do say so myself! :D) NewCon Press anthology, Subterfuge. The book features a cover by award winning artist Andy Bigwood and fifteen original stories, themed on Subterfuge: A clever device or strategy used to...
  9. Ian Whates

    New Anthology: Gwyneth Jones, Pat Cadigan, Justina Robson etc.

    NewCon Press will be releasing a new anthology in March, themed on 'communication' and featuring fifteeen stories from some of the best women authors around. MYTH-UNDERSTANDINGS edited by Ian Whates Communication: the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information...