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  1. D

    Favorite Paolo Bacigalupi SF novel or Collection?

  2. Vertigo

    Tool of War by Paolo Bacigalupi

    Tool of War is the third book in Bacigalupi’s Ship Breaker trilogy. Whilst these books are ostensibly young adult, I would probably have placed them at the older end of that spectrum. The main protagonists might be young in years but they’re certainly old in experience, there’s no real bad...
  3. Vertigo

    Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

    Unlike Bacigalupi’s previous book, The Windup Girl, Ship Breaker is more of a YA offering but, like The Windup Girl, it is very much set in a post-warming world (as opposed to post-apocalyptic as I see it so often described). The main character, Nailer, is a young teenager living a grindingly...
  4. S

    Bacigalupi?s The Windup Girl wins Campbell Memorial Award

    12th July 2010 08:47 PM Elaine Frei The winners of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the best science fiction novel published in 2009 and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for the best short fiction of 2009 have been announced ahead of the ceremony where those awards will be given...
  5. S

    Compton Crook Award goes to ?The Windup Girl?

    29th May 2010 06:19 AM Elaine Frei The 2010 Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Award was given to Paolo Bacigalupi for his novel The Windup Girl (Night Shade). The novel is already a Nebula Award winner and is nominated for a Hugo. Other finalists for the award included Dying Bites, by D. D...
  6. Hober Mallow

    The Windup Girl

    I've seen a lot of hype about this book "The Windup girl" which is from a new and little known author (Paolo Bacigalupi). It won the Hugo award this year, is a candidate for the Nebula award and has appeared on various other book lists. The biopunk theme of the novel is intriguing. I just...
  7. Omphalos

    The People of Sand and Slag, by Paolo Bacigalupi

    One of the best environmental stories to be published in recent memory is in my opinion this story by a relatively new author; The People of Sand and Slag, by Paulo Bacigalupi. Set probably in the far future, it is about how humans have adapted to survive in a completely wrecked environment...
  8. Omphalos

    Paulo Bacigalupi has a new book out

    Here is a link to a NPR broadcast about the book, with some interviews: Green Sci-Fi from Bacigalupi's 'Pump Six' : NPR Im putting this here hoping that you all click on the link. The more we click on the link, the more likely NPR is to do broadcasts about SF, as they track these sorts of things.