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  1. O

    XENOCIDE: Philosophical Aspects, your opinions

    I'm almost through with Xenocide (yeah, I know, I'm very slow!) and I just wanted to have a healthy discussion of all the Philosophical points that O.S.C. raised in the book. Please keep the discussion friendly and healthy. No fighting. :cool:
  2. Connavar

    Buggers !

    Does that the aliens name bother only me? I have read maybe 100-150 pages of Ender's Game and i like the book alot but the buggers thing bothered me alot early in the book. It made me flinch everytime i saw it and come out of the story world. Eventually i forget about it since the story got...
  3. S

    Ender's Game

    Ender’s Game Critical Review Even though I am an honors student, I still dislike reading with a passion. I am a slow reader and have not really enjoyed any of the novels I have read for school. However, that was before I read Ender’s Game. My name is Thuy and English does not come very...
  4. E

    Ender's Game Review

    From personal experience, being a high school student usually makes you cringe upon the thought of reading a book, let alone a science fiction book. But Ender’s Game isn’t a typical novel. It includes an entire array of tactics the author uses to make this unrealistic book fast paced and...
  5. W

    Ender's Game critical review

    My name is Christine and I am attending a high school in San Diego. In my English class we were introduced to the book, Ender’s Game by our teacher and she had told us her opinion and how we would certainly enjoy it also. I have read the chapters and analyzed every aspect of the book and it gave...
  6. E

    Ender's Game

    Hi my friends, you can read below and find out about the new story from the Ender's Game universe written by Orson Scott Card, which we will be adapting as bonus material in the back of the Red Prophet Hardcover :) RED PROPHET: THE TALES OF ALVIN MAKER VOL. 1 HC DIRECT MARKET EXCLUSIVE...
  7. D

    Are ther any pics of the Formics?

    The reason I ask is because when I read the Enderverse my minds eye always envisions them as, basically, characters from A Bug's Life, only black. I wanted some pics of the buggers because this cute n cuddly picture of them I have in my mind kinda distracts me. Please and thank you.
  8. Leonardo

    Enders Game: The Movie

    According to IMDB, the Ender's Game movie is to be released in '08. Who would make for good actors? Animation or film? Will it suck? Will it be another Harry Potter? Discuss.
  9. F


    At the risk of getting flamed by fans of Orson Scott Card, I'm just wondering if his writing (or the man himself) is as homophobic as I've heard/read other people say. I've heard a lot of great things about this guy but the whole homophobic thing has put me off. Can some true fans set the...
  10. F

    Ender's Game

    Ok, welcome to High School, not even the third week back, and I have already ready Slaughterhouse-Five and had to write a literary analysis essay on it, blah blah blah. This brings me to the next project, a creative way of presenting the book "Ender's Game". Now, I am a smart kid, get all A's...
  11. K

    Where to start?

    I see this author all the time at book stores, but he has so many series and so many books, I am a bit baffled as to where I should start! So, I was hoping someone could point out a good book/series to start with?
  12. HieroGlyph

    Did I shuffle my cards?

    Beyond "Speaker for the Dead":- must be a ***** SPOILER ***** Cant remember how long ago (years)... But the last Card book I read was about the taking of a 'bug' egg and ressurecting 'them' upon a new planet (with a very strange ecology; ape-like creature -> worm -> tree -> grass -> grazer...)...
  13. E

    Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker Series Adaptation

    Here is the sketch of Alvin Miller Jr. for the upcoming Red Prophet adaptation, enjoy :)
  14. dwndrgn

    Card's Online Magazine

    http://www.intergalacticmedicineshow.com/cgi-bin/mag.cgi?do=content&article=home they also accept submissions...
  15. dwndrgn

    Orson Scott Card on Serenity

    Just thought other members would be interested in Orson Scott Card's views on the movie Serenity. Here's his review lifted from his website: http://www.hatrack.com/osc/reviews/everything/2005-09-30-extra.shtml
  16. rune

    Magic Street

    Found a link to the first few chapters of this new book - http://www.hatrack.com/osc/books/magicstreet/magicstreet.shtml Enjoy :D
  17. R

    OSC eZine

    Heard on the grape-vine that OSC now has an online eZine, found at his web site. It is commonly known as 'Intergalactic Medicine Show'.
  18. dreamwalker

    Enders Game

    For a long time I avoided reading this book because I thought it would be silly. The blurb on the back pretty much describing how a 10 year old boy saves the world... Yes, I mean come on, child soliders? thats a little childish... But I changed my mind, probably because of the cover art and it...
  19. S

    Polynesian Philosophy??

    Hey y'all, I'm having one of those brain cramps. I forgot the word OSC used in Children of the Mind, the one that means "enough already." It was introduced on the polynesian islands, I think, in the Peter storyline when he's trying to find someplace to put Jane when the computers are shut down...
  20. L

    "Shadow of the Giant" by Orson Scott Card

    Probably the first question that has to be asked when considering Orson Scott Card’s “Shadow of the Giant” is, does the world really need another entry in the Ender/Bean saga? After all, the previous volume, “The Shadow Puppets”, while advancing the story, had seemed a bit mechanical. It was as...