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octavia e butler

  1. Omphalos

    Book Review: Lilith's Brood, by Octavia Butler

    Have you ever read an author who was so good that you just knew you would love his or her entire body of work after finishing the first book? I have. And as pathetic a thing as that is to say for someone who holds himself out as an objective book reviewer, I have to say that about Octavia...
  2. Thadlerian

    Octavia Butler dies at 58

    Science Fiction lost a great talent friday 24th: Octavia Butler. She is known for being a female, Afro-American Science-Fiction writer and Hugo and Nebula winner. That, and for writing some most excellent Science Fiction. Seattle Times: According to Seattle Times, Butler died at hospital...
  3. J

    Octavia E. Butler

    Hi! Are there other Octavia E. Butler fans out there? She is a rarity in S.F. as she lives in L.A., she is female, and she is Black. She is an alternate voice to many of the writers. Her characters come in many colors but the main ones also speak to the Black and female experience. That...