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  1. ralphkern

    Nick Bailey and Darren Bullock Interview

    Keystroke Medium interviewed these two lovely gentlemen.
  2. Nick B

    Liberator is 99p/99c right now

    Kindle countdown time again folks, Liberator is a year old this week! So 99p in the UK and 99c in the US for a week.
  3. Nick B

    The Price

    The Price, a new short story posted on the website. Read it here: The Price
  4. Nick B

    Primordial reviews

    Phil Leader Mar 07, 2017 Phil Leader rated it 5 stars The first Liberator novel is a riot of noise, violence and fun, the summer blockbuster of the science fiction novel. This shorter story from the same universe shows a very different side, every bit as taut, dark and unsettling as Liberator...
  5. Nick B


    There is now a Liberator Universe website at And a personal author page at
  6. Nick B

    Liberator Reviews

    Instead of posting on Vertigo's review thread. I will put the more detailed reviews for Liberator in this thread. This one is a longer review from the author of Trajectory, Robert Campbell 5.0 out of 5 stars A high energy blast across a battle torn space By Rob C on February 11, 2017 Format...
  7. Nick B

    Primordial- a Liberator Universe novelette

    Primordial ebook is now available on Amazon and Kindleunlimited. Set in the same universe, but unrelated to Liberator, Primordial is a sci-fi horror novelette. Primordial at Amazon
  8. Nick B

    Xmas Liberator - The Last Freebie

    Liberator is free on Kindle today and tomorrow (23rd and 24th dec) as an Xmas gift from us. This is the last time Liberator will ever be free, so if you want it fellow chronners, go and get it. Liberator
  9. Nick B

    It's blurb time again...

    Yep, the dreaded blurb is once again causing me issues. This time it's for Primordial. The Padmavati is a survey ship, small crew, not military and the theme is scifi horror. Here's teh blurb I have so far. What is wrong with it? would you read this book? Any ideas to make it better...
  10. Nick B

    KDP paperbacks

    So, it seems KDP are now going to be doing paperbacks. I'm reading thatp it is full of problems at the moment, so would reccomend no-one switches to it until those are sorted. CS do a great job in my opinion, so it would take quite a large shift in quality and royalty rates to make me change...
  11. Nick B

    Liberator promo -FREE

    Liberator is FREE on Kindle for the next couple of days. Liberator
  12. Nick B

    Kindle unlimited issue, I need a favour!

    I may have an issue with Kindle unlimited and really could use a favour, as I don't know anyone who has it. My kdp select 90 days ran out a few days ago, and my KU pages read report dropped to zero and stayed there. It says it is still on kdp select, and on Kindle market says it is still...
  13. Nick B

    smashwords vs kdp select

    Anyone with experience with smashwords and the markets they have, could you offer any views or figures on the smashwords vs kdp sales? I know it used to be something like 90/10 in amazons favour, but has that changed? Is it worth foregoing kindle unlimited and countdown deals to get in on the...
  14. Nick B

    Liberator e-book, for free

    Hi all, I am going to offer a free e-book copy to any sff chrons scifi fans who in return will put a review on Amazon for us. So, if you fancy yourself a little military space opera sf, drop a message here, or pm me with your email address and I will mail you a full copy of the .mobi file...
  15. Nick B

    ACX and audible

    Posted this on a different thread, but that was a bit dumb, so... Does anyone have any experiences of using ACX (the audio book equivalent of createspace) in creating and selling audio books? The process looks relatively simple, and you get to audition your narrators and so on, and they do a...
  16. Vertigo

    Liberator by Nick Bailey and Darren Bullock

    Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for writing a review. Liberator is a very good debut offering from authors Nick Bailey and Darren Bullock. It is hard core military science fiction and contains significant violence – quite gory in places – throughout. For me there...
  17. Nick B

    Promotional tools

    I couldn't find a thread dedicated to promotional tools, pages and stuff so thought it might be handy. If anyone has any favourite sites, or tools, post them up here. After all, the more people use them, the more see them, and thats the point isnt it. iAuthor - I made a page on iAuthor last...
  18. Nick B


    Well, after what seems like two hundred years, Liberator is finally published and available on Kindle, including Kindle Unlimited. Thank you to everyone who has helped and been supportive the last few years, I owe you all. If you do buy, borrow or steal it, please leave a review on Amazon! It...
  19. Nick B

    Book reviewers and bloggers

    Hi everyone, as many will know, we (I co-write with another guy) are about to publish our first sci-fi novel. We are looking for anyone who would like to review or give a blog spot to it. It is in e-book format only to begin with, so I will mail .mobi files. @Chris Guillory has kindly agreed to...
  20. Nick B

    Book descriptions, blurbs, blah blah blah

    So, you've written a 96,000 word novel, all those words. A complete story, with a start, middle and an ending. How awesome is that? So why is it so bloody hard to write a blurb? I mean, come on, really? We are really struggling with writing a book description for Liberator that doesn't read like...