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  1. jobs.jdfournier


    Just started this book, about two hundred pages in. This is my first Stephenson book and I intended to start with Snow Crash but this plot sounded interesting. So far really enjoying it. The basic plot is the moon has broken apart and is calculated to rain down on the earth in a few years. This...
  2. B

    What Director Would you Like to see Do A Snow Crash film ?

    Alex Proyas, Ridley Scott , Steven Speilberg James Cameron , James Gunn , Peter Jackson.. Who would be your ideal director on such a project? An who would you like to see star in it? Thoughts?:)
  3. A

    Anathem- Neal Stephenson

    Anathem Neal Stephenson Morrow, Sep 2008, $29.95 ISBN 9780061474095 In the future on the planet Arbre, great thinkers are clustered behind the “Concent” walls where they control knowledge from the illogical thinking “Saecular” masses. Preadolescents who show a strong logical ability for...
  4. A

    The Mongoliad-Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo, E.D. deBirmingham, Erik Bear, Joseph...

    The Mongoliad Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo, E.D. deBirmingham, Erik Bear, Joseph Brassey, and Cooper Moo 47North, Apr 24 2012, $14.95 ISBN: 9781612182360 By 1241, the feral Mongol Horde led by Onghwe the dissolute Khan of Khans defeated the armies of Christendom at Legnica. The third...
  5. A

    The Mongoliad: Book Three (The Foreworld Saga)-Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Erik Bear,...

    The Mongoliad: Book Three (The Foreworld Saga) Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Erik Bear, Joseph Brassey, Nicole Galland, Mark Teppo, and Cooper Moo 47North, Feb 26, 2013, $14.95 ISBN: 9781612182384 In 1241, the Mongol Empire horde continues their feral assault from the east on the European...
  6. A

    The Baroque Cycle

    I have read the Baroque Cycle (Quicksilver, The Confusion, System of the World) a couple of times now and become a real 17th/early 18th century London enthusiast. I am visiting London in April and wish to visit some of the sites mentioned, such as the Monument, the Tower, Roger Comstock's...
  7. S

    Neal Stephenson V Julian May

    Hi All I've recently decided to return to reading Sci-fi after a very lengthy spell away from the genre. Ironically it was the Prometheus film that inspired me to return in order to perhaps get some decent entertainment instead of watching people running in the same direction that a spaceship...
  8. Dave

    Reamde This isn't out in paperback yet in the UK. I was about to pre-order it. Apparently it is already out in paperback in the US. It looks like a return to an adventure thriller with a Reamde virtual world virus that causes a real world turf war. So, thumbs...
  9. Vertigo

    The Mongoliad - Neal Stephenson et al - on offer

    I've never read anything by Neal Stephenson, but I notice the Kindle edition of book 1 of the Mongoliad is on offer on Amazon at the moment (in the UK at least) at £1.99 (the paperback is £8.99). This is actually by Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo and four other authors. I'm pretty sure...
  10. hormone


    I have read the first 75 pages of Neal Stephenson's, Anathem. I am finding it over-written, dense and not heading anywhere. I do not want to give up on it yet because I am told it unfolds slowly and the concepts discussed are fascinating. I am wondering what forum members think of this work...
  11. K

    Neal Stephenson

    Howdy! I was wondering if there were any other Neal Stephenson fans around. He doesn't have an author sub-forum (probably because of lack of interest) so I was just curious if anyone was a fan! I am halfway through The Confusion and love it. I got my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, so a...
  12. lud

    Neal Stephenson

    Hi,I'm not sure if this as been covered before (I'm new to this site) but are NEAL STEPHENSONS books any good.I'm tempted to read ANATHEM but some advise would be good before i buy.Thanks for any help.
  13. Rez

    Anathem: Stephenson

    Has anyone else read this book? What did you think? :)
  14. Alcyon

    Any Fans of Neal Stephenson?

    I am a huge fan of Neal Stephenson, especially Zodiac, and he is a relatively unknown modern Sci-Fi writer; anyone here a fan of his work? Which books of his do you like, and why? First topic by the way, hello everyone!
  15. Dave

    Stephenson, Neal: Zodiac

    Unlike Snowcrash and Diamond Age, but like Interface, Zodiac is set in the 1990's in Boston. It is subtitled as an Eco-Thriller and has become something of a cult book among envrionmentalists, which was why I tracked it down, though I have enjoyed all his other books. This book does have an...
  16. T

    Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

    Just been recommended this book by an acquaintence :eek: ... Wondered if anyone else had read this, and their thoughts on the book... :D
  17. Dave

    Stephenson, Neal: Interface

    When I first began reading this I wondered if I would really class this as Scifi, and not more of a political thriller. It is a collaboration of Neal Stephenson with his uncle George Jewsbury (under the pseudonym Frederick George), and it was originally published under the collaborative...
  18. Dave

    Stephenson, Neal: Snow Crash

    Snow Crash , written by Neal Town Stephenson, was first published in 1992 and follows in the footsteps of the cyberpunk authors such as William Gibson, though Stephenson breaks away from typical "techno punk" stories by enhancing this story with large amounts of satire and his own brand of black...
  19. Dave

    Stephenson, Neal: Cryptonomicon

    Neal Stephenson: Cryptonomicon I'm not sure that I would personally class this as Science Fiction, more action/adventure with a technological bent, but it seems to come under the wing of Cyberculture and it is in the SciFi section of every bookshop that I've...
  20. dwndrgn

    Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver

    Well, I'm about two thirds of the way through and the apparent 'real' story is beginning. It is a good book so far, though it is taking me forever to read as I'm only doing so during lunch (not much free time these days). However, I'm a little confused as to why it is classified in the sci/fi...