neal asher

  1. Rodders

    Weaponized by Neal Asher.

    I have pre-ordered. Due for release in May 2022, Weaponized is Neal Asher next Polity book. With the advent of new AI technology, Polity citizens now possess incredible lifespans. Yet they struggle to find meaning in their longevity, seeking danger and novelty in their increasingly mundane...
  2. Vertigo

    The Human by Neal Asher

    This is the third and final(?) book in Asher’s Rise of the Jain series. The last surviving Jain has emerged from the U-space blister where it has been trapped for millions of years, in a ship so massive that that the swarm of relatively small attack ships docked on its hull like limpets are...
  3. Rodders

    Jack Four

    Neal Asher has a New Polity book due for release in June. Synopsis This high-octane adventure is set in the same world as Neal Asher's acclaimed Polity universe. It's a thrilling, fast-paced standalone novel, perfect for fans of Alastair Reynolds and Stephen Baxter. Created to die –...
  4. Vertigo

    The Warship by Neal Asher

    The Warship is the second book in Asher’s Rise of the Jain trilogy that is possibly shaping up to be my favourite series yet of Asher’s Polity books. The Warship is packed with action from start to finish; my edition has a brief quote from Locus magazine – ‘Titanic battle sequences’ – that...
  5. S

    Polity Series - Filling the gaps in the reading order

    Hello everyone, I have just signed up to this forum. I have started reading Neal Asher´s work one year ago. Not having read anything from him before, I was kind of overwhelmed with the extent of the Polity series so I decided to start from the latest, at the time The Soldier. I have been an...
  6. Mister_Oy

    What next - looking for recommendations

    Right then - I’ve read all the Neal Asher books (I think) and while we wait for The Owner #4 (Pleeeeease it can’t just end like that!) can anyone recommend something else in an Asheresque mould? Love this sort of stuff!
  7. Mister_Oy

    Prador Moon - what next?

    Ok - just finished Prador Moon and loved it. I'd really like to read about the start of it all. How we left the solar system and went from there. Is there a book for that?
  8. Rodders

    The Soldier (Rise of the Jain)

    I have just preordered this on Amazon. Due for release in January 2018. I will look for a photo to post later. Anyone else getting one.
  9. Vertigo

    Infinity Engine by Neal Asher

    One of the problems I have when writing my thoughts on books is the common complaint that we only ever notice things when they go wrong, never when they go right. In the same way I generally notice and can easily identify all the things I hate in a book but I frequently fail to notice what it is...
  10. ralphkern

    Keystroke Medium Interview with Neal Asher

    Here is an interview with Neal.
  11. D

    Spatterjay effect on humans

    I'm curious about the effect of the Spatterjay virus on a human with an unlimited food supply. I know when Pradors can eat their fill they end up mutated but stronger and smarter. However the only references for humans are 'short of food' so you get a Skinner type with a leech head...
  12. Vertigo

    War Factory by Neal Asher

    In this second book in Neal Asher’s transformation trilogy, Penny Royal continues to manipulate all the various players to its own ends. Sverl the transformed Prador is becoming steadily more human, especially in his thinking, Thorvald Spear is continuing to hunt for Penny Royal but is also...
  13. Vertigo

    Dark Intelligence by Neal Asher

    Another excellent offering from Asher – he so rarely disappoints me! This is a rather darker book than Asher’s norm and, whilst he always tends to write ambiguous heroes, in this book they are more than normally on the dark side of things. This should probably not be surprising considering this...
  14. T

    Algin Tenkian

    I started reading Neal Asher's books about a couple of months ago, and am now as far Gridlinked in the Polity series, hoping that I have not missed any of it following Neal's posted time line in his own post in another thread. Like many visitors to this forum I have found that Neal really...
  15. Vertigo

    Jupiter War by Neal Asher

    A great close to this trilogy, well-paced with plenty of good space opera action though it did have its flaws. The science in this trilogy is all very speculative with computer brain interfaces, back up brains, Alcubierre drive and mach-effect drive which doesn’t usually bother me particularly...
  16. Vertigo

    Neal Asher getting back in the saddle

    As I'm sure some at least are aware, Neal sadly lost his wife a couple of years back and has been struggling to be productive since (most of the work on the new Transformation series was already written before she died). But it now seems he is getting back to productive work...
  17. Vertigo

    Zero Point by Neal Asher

    Another excellent story from Neal Asher – one of my favourite authors – and the second book in the Owner trilogy. I found it much better than the first book but still lacking a certain something compared to his Polity books. These books take place entirely in within the solar system giving them...
  18. Rodders

    Dark AI: Book 1: Dark Intelligence

    A Transformation Novel: I just saw this on the Forbidden Planet web site. Neal, what can you tell us? This looks awesome.
  19. steelyglint

    Jupiter War signed first impression?

    Does anyone have any idea where I can obtain a signed first printing of The Jupiter War? For years I bought signed 1sts on eBay or via ABE. Now both sites seem to have been invaded by the megasellers who give no information about the books they're selling whatsoever, other than author, title...
  20. tylenol4000

    Neal Asher's style?

    I have a copy of Gridlinked and Cowl, both of which I have not read yet. I`m just wondering what to expect, and what you guys like and/or dislike about these books, and his style in general. I know Neal Asher is often compared to and put into the same group as guys like Ian M. Banks...