michael moorcock

  1. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    Dancers At The End Of Time

    I'm currently re-reading these novels (in the handy SF Masterworks omnibus edition) and am again discovering just what a fine writer Moorcock at his best is. His swords-and-sorcery, with the exception of Elric, has always been a little hit-and-miss for me, but it's his so-called literary fiction...
  2. UltraCulture

    Dr Who novel?

    May be of interest to some. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Moorcock set for Doctor Who story Feel free to move post if nescesary.
  3. revelshade

    For what it's worth: a year of Moorcock

    I'm trying to jump-start my reading habits with a stunt: read more or less all of Moorcock's work in a year - and blog about it. Tim and Nick Have a Library I'm off to a good start so far (the reading part, anyway). Composition isn't my strong suit so if you visit I'm afraid you won't find...
  4. revelshade

    revisions in omnibus volumes: how drastic?

    The title of this post says it all, so feel free to skip this background. I catalog my books on LibraryThing. One of their discussion groups is called 50 book challenge, which is just what it sounds like: you post your intent to read some number of books over some period of time, maybe from a...
  5. AE35Unit

    Moorcock's science fiction?

    It seems a little strange to me that the man who was the leading light in the development of new science fiction with New Worlds magazine,yet he is mostly known for his fantasy. But what SF has he written and whats it like?
  6. J

    A Little Late, But....

    News on some recently published Moorcock tales: "Black Petals" - New Elric Story Published - Moorcock's Miscellany - The Official Michael Moorcock Website "Modem Times" - New Jerry Cornelius Story Published - Moorcock's Miscellany - The Official Michael Moorcock Website
  7. J

    Preferred reading order? Or; Whatever Happened to Series-Linear Narrative?

    Grimward posed an interesting (and seemingly simple) question in the "When Fantasy Is Just Too Dark" thread in response to one of my posts: The answer, on the other hand, is anything but simple, unless you wish to answer the later bit with "Yes... and No.":rolleyes: Part of the problem is...
  8. J

    Moorcock and Cabell

    I may be setting this thread up for immediate extinction, but it's not the first such thread I've started, nor (stubborn critter that I am) is it likely to be the last. So... Does anyone aside from me see similarities between Michael Moorcock's work and that of James Branch Cabell? Not in...
  9. J

    Another Attempt at a Moorcock Bibliography

    I sometimes think a person's got to be just a little nuts to attempt this. Nevertheless, I've given it a go. This will have to be in several installments, and I'm splitting it up into Chronological, Series, and Omnibus Editions, for easier reference. I have no doubt that I've overlooked some...
  10. V

    Where did my thread go?

    Hi, I started a Hawkwind thread and it dissappeared! Why???
  11. J

    Moorcock's "Great Themes"

    Well, the Moorcock subforum has been a bit moribund of late, so I'll throw one out there: Who here is up to a discussion of some of Moorcock's "Great Themes" -- by which I mean those things which have been themes examined in his work throughout his career. For example: "Romance" vs. Reality...
  12. stinking_dylan

    Just finished 'Breakfast In The Ruins'...

    Another excellent read from Moorcock. Reminds me in style to Mother London, though a shorter, quicker read and tends to hold your attention longer (mostly due to the often harrowing imagery). Has anybody read this? If so could you give me your opinions on what Moorcock was trying to say...
  13. suupaabaka

    Elric: Where to start?

    I've been looking at the various Elric titles and am now slightly confused. I've been considering purchasing the Elric Fantasy Masterworks title, but I'm not positive that that's the best place to start. Any advice is appreciated.
  14. A

    Nations in the Elric Saga

    Hello all ! I haven't read Moorcock's books, even though I intend to but I can't easily find them here (in France, and I want to read them in English). But I am playing a game with some friends which uses the world from Elric as a map. I would've liked to know as much as possible about the...
  15. J

    Hawkwind Documentary on BBC

    Well, unless they decide to release this thing on DVD later, I'll not be able t see it, I imagine. But for those who are fans of either Moorcock or the band themselves, there's to be a documentary on Hawkwind: BBC - BBC Four Listings - Programmes It will air on BBC Four, Fri., 30 Mar...
  16. J

    Forthcoming work

    I know there are several Moorcock fans on here, and I'd not heard anything about what he was doing these days, so I nipped over to Moorcock's Miscellany to find out. Apparently, he's "retired". Which means he's only got about two dozen things which should be coming out within the next year or...
  17. P

    Daughter, Skrayling, Wolf's Son

    Greetings everyone: Was I the only one left flat by the three latest books of the Elric saga? For me, the tale of the von Beks and their offspring just really never "got" me like the original Elric books, or even "Revenge of the Rose". Even though Elric is involved, it shows so little of...
  18. Snowdog

    Elric Reading Order

    Can anyone put the books from the bibliography in reading order, i.e. chronological order? I was always confused by alternative titles as to which books I actually had. It looks like I missed one entirely (Bane of the Black Sword) so I'll have to get that, plus a couple of the short story...
  19. speedingslug

    My Favorite cover is :-

    I have spent many months making a webby about Fantasy Art. And in this pursuit made many friends both artists and collectors So tell me your Favorite Moorcock Cover. My mate ownes Elric - the Wiered of the White Wolf !
  20. ladyflorange


    I'm reading Elric of Melnibone... my first Moorcock, and I'm really enjoying it. Finding it really different from the other stuff I've read (a LOT of Gemmell, Eddings, Goodkind etc) Just wondering what anyone would recommend to read next? Thanks! xx