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  1. TWErvin2

    Three-book omnibus of the complete Elric of Melniboné saga

    To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Saga Press will publish a three-book omnibus of the complete novels within the legendary Elric of Melniboné saga. All eleven novels will be published in chronological order, in Moorcock’s preferred editions, for the first time in the U.S. More details can be...
  2. TWErvin2


    My wife was looking for something to read so I gave her Hawkmoon, which (of course) includes The Jewel in the Skull, The Mad Gog's Amulet, The Sword of the Dawn and The Runestaff. As anticipated, she enjoyed the read.
  3. C

    The Tale of the Eternal Champion - White Wolf/Borealis.

    When White Wolf began publishing these books back in the late 90's I started to purchase them as they were made available... but a few life events and financial difficulties prevented me from continuing to do so. Today White Wolf Publishing and Borealis are long gone. Paradox, who owns the...
  4. M. Robert Gibson

    BBC Studios secures the rights to Michael Moorcock’s Runestaff

    Did we know about this? I've only just found out and I'm perhaps just a little too excited :D https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/bbcstudios/2019/Michael-Moorcock-Runestaff
  5. L

    Moorcock - desperately need help with reading order

    Been looking around the site and scrolling through some of the chats but still find it somewhat confusing. Read JD's list but got lost with all the different publishers/omnibus editions etc. Love what I've read over the past years - Von Beck, Eternal Champion (only got some of them I think)...
  6. Bick

    Moorcock's Top 10 SF novels by other authors (selected in 2001)

    I found this online, and thought Moorcock fans might be interested. 1. Greybeard Brian W Aldiss PD James used a similar plot which she corrupted with bad prose and poor thinking. An early eco-freak, Aldiss gives us a world fundamentally destroyed by consumerism. This is the original...
  7. B

    What Are Your Thoughts on Michael MoorCock's The Eternal Champion Saga and his other Work?

    I found this series after I finished up with Conan and Kane, I read Elric saga, The Chroincals of Corum , Dorian Hawkmoon, Castle Brass, The books dealing with Erekose , Dancers at the End of Time , I tried and failed with the Jeremaih Cornelius Chronicles. Ive read other short stores by him...
  8. Extollager

    Moorcock's exemplarily bad essay on Tolkien

    http://notionclubpapers.blogspot.com/2015/06/michael-moorcocks-epic-pooh-essay-on.html At the least I thought I'd stir the pot a little.
  9. Foxbat

    The Ice Schooner

    A story of a post-apocalyptic ice age that bears more than a passing resemblance to Moby Dick. Throw in a pinch of Joseph Conrad and you've got a novel from Mr Moorcock. A whaling captain looking for a new ship comes across a character dying on the ice. Saving this individual steers him to a...
  10. S

    Moorcock to write Dr Who novel

    16th November 2009 04:36 AM David Allen It is strange how what would seem to be good news, can be exciting and depressing all at the same time. This can be said of the news that the author of Elric and Multiverse books, Michael Moorcock will be working on a piece for Dr Who. That is the...
  11. tylenol4000

    The winds of limbo

    I'm not a fan of most of the fantasy that's out there. All these Tolkien imitators fill the shelves of every bookstore. I've heard many great things about Moorcock. I know China Mieville's cited him as an influence. I find Mieville's novels very refreshing. I picked up a used copy of a michael...
  12. demos99

    Gollancz announces major new Michael Moorcock publishing project for 2013/14

    This might be of interest to readers here: We know a few details about the new editions courtesy of John Davey. The 'last three Elric novels' were previously published in the US as The Dreamthief's Daughter, The Skrayling Tree & The White Wolf's Son but are being re-titled and revised (as is...
  13. demos99

    'Sojan' versions

    [j.d. asked this in the 'Another Attempt at a Moorcock Bibliography' thread but the length of my answer probably means it's better in its own thread rather than risk derailing the original thread.] The new Sojan book (packaged alongside Joe R. Lansdale's Under the Warrior Star by Paizo...
  14. AE35Unit

    Moorcock does Doctor Who!

    I came across this when scanning thru the latest copy of SFX. He has sold his soul to the devil and done a Dr Who novel! Can't be for money-he must be loaded! Or has he done novellisations in the past?
  15. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    Dancers At The End Of Time

    I'm currently re-reading these novels (in the handy SF Masterworks omnibus edition) and am again discovering just what a fine writer Moorcock at his best is. His swords-and-sorcery, with the exception of Elric, has always been a little hit-and-miss for me, but it's his so-called literary fiction...
  16. UltraCulture

    Dr Who novel?

    May be of interest to some. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Moorcock set for Doctor Who story Feel free to move post if nescesary.
  17. revelshade

    For what it's worth: a year of Moorcock

    I'm trying to jump-start my reading habits with a stunt: read more or less all of Moorcock's work in a year - and blog about it. Tim and Nick Have a Library I'm off to a good start so far (the reading part, anyway). Composition isn't my strong suit so if you visit I'm afraid you won't find...
  18. revelshade

    revisions in omnibus volumes: how drastic?

    The title of this post says it all, so feel free to skip this background. I catalog my books on LibraryThing. One of their discussion groups is called 50 book challenge, which is just what it sounds like: you post your intent to read some number of books over some period of time, maybe from a...
  19. AE35Unit

    Moorcock's science fiction?

    It seems a little strange to me that the man who was the leading light in the development of new science fiction with New Worlds magazine,yet he is mostly known for his fantasy. But what SF has he written and whats it like?
  20. J

    A Little Late, But....

    News on some recently published Moorcock tales: "Black Petals" - New Elric Story Published - Moorcock's Miscellany - The Official Michael Moorcock Website "Modem Times" - New Jerry Cornelius Story Published - Moorcock's Miscellany - The Official Michael Moorcock Website