mervyn peake

  1. D

    What is your opinion of these 3 Authors;John Wyndham, Mervyn Peake,Lord Dunsany?

    I am thinking about trying these three obscure Authors. Please Recommend some of there novels.
  2. Teresa Edgerton

    Gaiman adaptation of Gormenghast for TV

    If this is not a belated April Fool's joke it sounds like it could be amazing:
  3. Toby Frost

    Gormenghast (BBC adaptation)

    The BBC adaptation of Mervyn Peake’s first two Gormenghast novels (Titus Groan and Gormenghast) were aired in early 2000. They tell the story of Steerpike, a kitchen boy who fights his way towards the control of an enormous and ancient castle, Gormenghast. On his path to power, he meets and...
  4. hitmouse

    Interesting piece on Gormenghast
  5. Extollager

    Children of Mervyn and Maeve Peake

    Just ran across this -- don't remember seeing it mentioned here.
  6. Extollager

    Everyone discovers Gormenghast at 19

    "...everyone seems to discover Gormenghast at the age of nineteen..." Anyway, here's a piece on Peake, born one hundred years ago this year, and mentioned fleetingly (?) now and again here at Chrons. Did anyone do anything noteworthy to mark...
  7. Werthead

    Unpublished GORMENGHAST novel discovered in Mervyn Peake's attic

    No, seriously. Mervyn Peake started work on the fourth GORMENGHAST novel, TITUS AWAKES, in 1960 but his Parkinson's Disease rendered him unable to write (or complete revisions on the third book, TITUS ALONE, which was published in an unrevised form in 1959) more than the first few pages...
  8. clovis-man

    Mervyn Peake

    This is a British writer, illustrator and poet of whom I know virtually nothing. I picked up a compilation of his "Gormenghast" trilogy today. At well over a thousand pages, I'm not going to jump right in before asking those who are more knowledgeable to provide an opinion for me of his worth as...
  9. Anthony G Williams

    Boy in Darkness by Mervyn Peake

    This novella (112 pages, c. 25,000 words) is set in the world of Titus Groan and Gormenghast, although they are not named, being referred to only as the Boy and the Castle. It is the Boy's 14th birthday and he wearies of the endless rounds of official celebrations to mark the event, so he takes...
  10. S

    how many books in the gormenghast series

    i want to read the gormenghast series by Pike. i saw a book calle the gormenghast trilogy in a bookshop a while ago. does this contain the entire series or are there more than 3 books? sorry i dont have more info on the book for you
  11. Q

    Gormenghast BBC series

    Gormenghast? I just saw the BBC production of Gormenghast* on PBS & I really enjoyed it. I would love to talk about it if anybody else watched or has seen it previously. *I like to play with the pretty buttons up top... sorry :)
  12. E

    Peake, Mervyn: BBC Gormenghast Adaption...

    Ok.... what did you think? Cast your votes now! Personally... I thought that given how massive the book is and how much they had to cut it down, that they did a pretty good job reconstructing it for the TV. I also thought the casting was faily well done.