margaret atwood

  1. Alexa

    The Handmaid's Tale (TV series)

    Anyone is watching this one ? This is really a very sick society. It may be based on a Canadian writer, Margaret Atwood, but still makes me shiver. Like *Better is never better for everyone*
  2. Michael Colton

    Where To Start With Margaret Atwood?

    Margaret Atwood is one of those authors that I have heard the name over and over again, but have never actually read any of her work. I was wondering if people had suggestions on where to start with her novels. My first instinct is always to scan a bibliography for Hugo Awards or Arthur C...
  3. S

    Margaret Atwood’s, Year of the Flood

    11th September 2009 10:26 AM David Allen The Year of the Flood is set in a world that has been ravaged by a man made plague and where now only a few survivors exist. The story follows two woman Ren and Toby who come from very different backgrounds, they have been thrown together and in order...
  4. L

    The year of the flood - Margaret Atwood

    Hallo :) I wanted to ask of someone could help me a little bit. I am not very good in English, but I have to describe the most important charakters of this book. Did anyone read it and might think he/she wants to help me??? That would be very very kind of you! Best LoopCall :)
  5. TJR357

    Atwood's The Year of the Flood

    Anyone looking forward to this? Anyone read the prequel, Oryx and Crake?
  6. Fried Egg

    Margaret Atwood

    I know that Margaret Atwood doesn't like to be associated with SF but which are her best books? Which would you recommend to someone who hasn't read any of her work? Naturally, I am more disposed to reading SF leaning work than the rest. Do most of her books have SF themes or only a few?
  7. Omphalos

    The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood

    The Handmaid's Tale is a chilling look at the horror that results when sexuality and democracy are repressed, and history and religious dogma are reinterpreted to aid in consolidation of authority. Interestingly Atwood stayed away from big-picture issues, and instead concentrated on the life of...
  8. A

    "Oryx & Crake" by Margaret Atwood

    Hi All, I just finished reading "Oryx & Crake" and wondered if anyone else here has read it. I was curious to find out what others thought of it, and of Atwood's writing. It was my first Atwood novel. I thought it was intriguing but she tends to get a bit wordy for me - the poet in her...
  9. Brian G Turner

    Margaret Atwood

    Neal brought her up in another thread... Had to study "Cat's Eye" when I went to college to do an English A-Level (in case it helped with my writing). Interesting book - the childhood stuff is simply great and has the authentic ring of semi-autobiography. Unfortunately, the rest suddenly skips...