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  1. Toby Frost

    Thoughts on a few M.R. James ghost stories

    This isn't going to be a full read-though or particularly detailed: I'll just read a few of them and post my vague, random thoughts. I've not read most of these for at least 10 years. Canon Alberic's Scrap-Book The gold standard, definitely one of the best. The story isn't neatly explained at...
  2. Phyrebrat

    M R James nerds...

    Hi, This is a weird request for advice inasmuch as it refers to naming of a painting in my WIP. Rather than put this is the writing discussion forum, I wanted to ask the expertise of those in weird fiction, who tend to frequent the Books and Literature part of the site more than the Writing...
  3. Extollager

    M. R. James's ghost stories: podcast with folklorist Jacqueline Simpson

    This podcast Episode 53 – Jacqueline Simpson interview - A Podcast to the Curious – The M.R. James Podcast is a pleasure to listen to. Dr. Simpson is past president of the Folklore Society and editor of several prized folktale collections in my library, such as an excellent volume of...
  4. Extollager

    M. R. James Event from Peter Hitchens

    Here's a columnist who really seems to enjoy the classic ghost story tradition. In the U. S. we have Michael Dirda who's mentioned his relish for James's tales more than once. A Haunting Evening at Eton - Mail Online - Peter Hitchens blog
  5. Fried Egg

    M. R. James - "Two Doctors"

    After reading the story; "Two Doctors" in my collection of ghost stories by M. R. James and it's left me confused. :confused: Sometimes I think that his tales are just too subtle for me and they go over my head. Can anyone who's read it shed some light on it for me? The full text is available...
  6. H

    M.R James

    I'll start the thread in this forum, seeing as it is all things ghoulish and ghosty... I know a few people have recently purchased some M.R James, particularly the Collected Ghost Stories, if the Book Haul thread is anything to go by. I'm currently reading the collection for my creative writing...