leigh brackett

  1. L

    Leigh Brackett

    I've read the Fantasy Masterworks anthology 2 months ago, loved her work. Is any of the rest of her material in print?
  2. Connavar

    Leigh Brackett

    Have you guys read this author ? I have heard good things about her when i look for other authors from her times. I was thinking about getting a short story collection of hers from an out of town library and wondered what you can tell me about her. What kind of author she was,type of SFF she...
  3. matt-browne-sfw

    Has anyone read "The Star Kings" by Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Brackett ?

    It's a fantastic classic sci-fi book and seems almost forgotten. A while ago one could only get the novel from used bookstores. Now it's back in print and also available at Amazon. There's also a sequel but it doesn't come close in my opinion... Any fans of this author around?