l e modesitt

  1. Perpetual Man

    Arms Commander (Saga of Recluce 16) by L E Modesitt Jr

    I have to admit that the Recluce books by L E Modesitt Jr. are a bit of a weakness of mine. I have read other novels by the very prolific author and found them to be simply okay, but the Recluce series have always been entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. It is also one of those series that...
  2. Nerds_feather

    Recluce saga (LE Modesitt Jr.)

    anyone a fan? i read the magic of recluce a good 15-20 years ago and remember loving it, but never tackled any of the others. if i were to read them now, would you recommend reading them in the order they were published, or the internal chronological order?
  3. biodroid

    LE Modesitt, jr.

    Picked up The Eternity Artifact which sounds interesting. Anyone read him, is he any good?
  4. A

    Imager- Modesitt, any 1 read yet?

    Just wondered if anyone has read L E Modesitt's latest offering? It's apparently set in a whole new world, new system etc. Just wondered if anyone could comment on it before i buy it. WHilst i have always been a fan of his fantasy, since joining here my 'to be read' list is getting ridiculous ...
  5. ratsy

    L.E Modesitt

    I just found the first 4 Recluse novels by Modesitt for cheap so picked them up. Are they a good read?? I went online after buying them and I see that the series has 15 books so far..whew..I like that though. I will always have something to read.
  6. Perpetual Man

    L E Modesitt Jr

    Having just finished another of his books, and once again enjoyed it I thought I'd just start a thread about this very prolific author as there does not seem to be that many. Check out what the general opinion is etc. Although I would make no pretence that he is the greatest writer, I have to...
  7. MilesVorkosigan

    L.E. Modesitt Jnr.

    Everytime I read Modesitt (whether fantasy or Scifi) I am struck by how he describes a society surviving, florishing , plundering, maintaining etc a in "new" world with different rules (Magic, nanotechology, philosophy) keeping the story believable as to how people would react in such a...