laurell k hamilton

  1. scifimoth

    Laurel Hamilton...

    Anybody here like to read Anita Blake novels by Laurel Hamilton?
  2. D

    Hamilton, Laurel K: So What do you Think of NIC

    So What do you Think of NIC What does everyone think of Narcissus In Chains. I haven't finished it yet, but so far, I like it pretty well. Like LKHs other more recent books, it is in desperate need of some harsher editing, but I do love the style. I was also going into Jean-Claude withdrawal...
  3. Gater

    Hamilton, Laurel K: Favourite book?

    Favourite book? I'm just wondering which book everyone reckons is the best? Do you prefer the first ones were Anita isn't so fond of vamps and monsters in general or the later ones were she begins her "transformation into one of the monsters" anyway anyone who happens to visit here drop a...
  4. Gater

    Hamilton, Laurel K: Vote!which is the best?

    Vote!which is the best? Which are the best? Vamps or lycanthropes? Do you prefer the undead vamps or the animal shapeshifters? Vote now!