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laura j underwood

  1. S

    Review: Dragon's Tongue by Laura K Underwood

    6th August 2013 04:22 PM Tim James Laura J Underwood has been a member of the Chronicles Network since August 2006, and although not a prolific poster looks in regularly. She has the stunningly clever user name of LauraJUnderwood. I have had no interaction with her, but it is nice to know...
  2. dwndrgn

    Dragon's Tongue, Laura J. Underwood

    I won't have the chance to write a full review here, but I did want to post some comments on the book for others' edification. I was eager to begin this book as it seemed to be all that I would enjoy in a fantasy, and for the most part I wasn't disappointed (though, sadly, there were no...
  3. Teresa Edgerton

    Book Review: DRAGON'S TONGUE, by Laura J. Underwood

    This is a fast-paced tale of magic and music (the author herself is a musician and instrument-maker, who can be spotted sometimes at conventions playing the beautiful harp that she made herself). For the most part light-hearted and adventurous, DRAGON'S TONGUE also has its darker moments...