laird barron

  1. Dan Jones

    Episode 22! On Short Stories with John Langan

    Christopher and I are joined once more by horror writer John Langan, whose great horror novel The Fisherman finally is out now in the UK, an inexplicable seven years after being first published in most other territories. John talks to us about the health and wellbeing of Laird Barron, one of...
  2. Fried Egg

    Laird Barron

    I just thought this author deserves his own thread so I started one. There are threads discussing his first two collections: The Imago Sequence Occultation I've just finished reading his first novel: "The Croning". Here is mini review: I don't buy many books soon after they come...
  3. Fried Egg

    Occultation by Laird Barron

    Has anyone read this? It only seems to be available in hard cover. Does anyone know if there are plans for it to be released in paperback?
  4. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    The Imago Sequence by Laird Barron

    - Shiva, Open Your Eye Barron gazes long into the cosmic gloaming in the course of the short stories assembled in The Imago Sequence, his first short story collection. What he sees is a doomed, oblivious race, scuttling about in chaotic orbits, attending parties, chasing thrills, living lives...