l ron hubbard

  1. JulietWills

    Are you Interested in Reviewing the Sci-Fi Classic Battlefield Earth?

    For the 40th anniversary of Battlefield Earth, the publisher is offering a reading copy to science fiction readers who have not yet read it. This is a limited opportunity, so if you are interested, please let me know soonest. We released the 21st century edition a few years ago with author notes...
  2. AE35Unit

    Early L. Ron Hubbard anyone?

    Ok forget the dianetics tripe-not here to discuss that-but I joined a free e-book site that allows you one free pdf d'load a month and I've noticed a few golden age era Hubbard's books there; today I found this one- The Dangerous Dimension: Dr. Henry Mudge undergoes a striking personality...
  3. Brian G Turner

    L Ron Hubbard - Battlefield Earth

    Original review by Herb: I was excited when I first heard that John Travolta was staring in a film adaptation of the L. Ron Hubbard classic. Then I saw the film. What were those people thinking of? Doesn't Travolta have handlers to protect him from career disasters like that one? The worst part...