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kim stanley robinson

  1. Werthead

    New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson

    New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson
  2. J

    Kim Stanley Robinson in Bar Harbor, ME for Book Signing

    Kim Stanley Robinson will be at the Jesup Memorial Library, 34 Mount Desert St., Bar Harbor, Me, on Thursday, July 9 at 7 p.m. for the launch of his new book “Aurora.” This is the very first event for “Aurora”—do not miss the opportunity to be the first to see Robinson with his new book.
  3. A

    Galileo’s Dream-Kim Stanley Robinson

    Galileo’s Dream Kim Stanley Robinson Spectra (Random House), Dec 29 2009, $26.00 ISBN: 9780553806595 To the colonists on the moons of Jupiter, Galileo is the prophet who led humanity on the first great leap into space with his telescope. He is a God in the future, but in his own Renaissance...
  4. A

    2312-Kim Stanley Robinson

    2312 Kim Stanley Robinson Orbit, May 22 2012, $25.99 ISBN 9780316098120 Early in the twenty-fourth century, mankind has spread across the solar system to other planets, moons and rocks. On Mercury, the city of Terminator is a technological wonder as it moves to elude the sun’s lethal rays. In...
  5. Vince W

    Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars series being developed for television

    According to this article: http://www.thewrap.com/game-of-thrones-producer-vince-gerardis-teams-with-spike-for-red-mars-sci-fi-series/ I don't have high hopes for this.
  6. Victoria Silverwolf

    "A Short, Sharp Shock" (Robinson, 1990)

    A Short, Sharp Shock by Kim Stanley Robinson (1990) Best known for his epic science fiction trilogy about the colonization of Mars (Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars), the author here offers us something completely different. This is a short, surreal, dream-like, seemingly symbolic and...
  7. Werthead

    2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

    2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson
  8. Werthead

    The Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson

    Red Mars
  9. Werthead

    Galileo's Dream by Kim Stanley Robinson

    Venice, 1609. Galileo Galilei is a mathematician and teacher, earning money by tutoring the sons of nobles and making various inventions, such as an impressive military compass that can improve the accuracy of artillery. Unfortunately, although ferociously intelligent Galileo lacks practical...
  10. Omphalos

    Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson

    What one word best describes Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars, or for that matter, the entire Mars trilogy? I'm not sure that there is only one word that can be used. But if there is, could it be something like "brilliant," or "genius?" How about "overwritten," or "ponderous?" I think that Red...
  11. O

    Is the "Mars Trilogy" by Kim Stanley Robinson worth reading?

    I've been thinking of reading the "Mars Trilogy" by Kim Stanley Robinson. Is this series worth reading?
  12. Brian G Turner

    Kim Stanley Robinson

    I bought Green Mars ages ago, but as it's the second book in a trilogy, I've been really hesitant to open it. I believe the Kim Stanley Robinson Mars trilogy goes as follows: 1. Red Mars 2. Green Mars 3. Blue Mars However, am I really going to lose anything by starting with book 2?
  13. T

    Robinson, Kim Stanley: The Mars Trilogy

    The Mars Trilogy Has anyone read these books? I was reading padder's thread on Water on Mars and it reminded me of something I hadn't thought of for a long time - how I used to think that I would be at the front of the queue (after all the qualified people of course), for a trip to Mars...