kim harrison

  1. Carolyn Hill

    Book Review: A FISTFUL OF CHARMS by Kim Harrison

    A Fistful of Charms Kim Harrison Review by Carolyn Hill In A Fistful of Charms, the fourth book in Kim Harrison’s Hallows series, Rachel Morgan and her partners must rescue Jenks’s son, who has been drawn into Nick Sparagmos’s theft of a dangerous artifact that could cause all-out war between...
  2. Carolyn Hill

    Book Review: EVERY WHICH WAY BUT DEAD by Kim Harrison

    Every Which Way But Dead Kim Harrison Review by Carolyn Hill In Every Which Way But Dead, the third novel in the Hallows series, Rachel Morgan continues the ongoing battle for her soul with the demon Algaliarept and becomes entangled in a turf war between rival supernatural gang lords...
  3. Carolyn Hill

    Book Review: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UNDEAD by Kim Harrison

    The Good, the Bad, and the Undead Kim Harrison Review by Carolyn Hill In The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, the second book in the Hallows series, Kim Harrison raises the stakes for Rachel Morgan and her vampire roommate, Ivy. Someone is murdering ley line witches, and Rachel Morgan...
  4. Carolyn Hill

    Book Review: DEAD WITCH WALKING by Kim Harrison

    Dead Witch Walking Kim Harrison Review by Carolyn Hill October 2006 Set in an alternate modern-day Cincinnati where humans coexist uneasily with supernatural residents of the Hallows, Kim Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking delivers refreshing, lively, and tension-packed entertainment. When Rachel...
  5. Brian G Turner

    Interview with Kim Harrison

    A while back I posted a thread asking for interview questions for Kim Harrison - here's the result of the interview with her. Many thanks to Becky at HarperCollins for heloing to arrange it. :) Hi Kim, and thank you for agreeing to an interview with the chronicles network. There seems to be...
  6. Brian G Turner

    Questions for Kim Harrison

    HarperCollins/Voyager have asked if I'll set up an email interview with Kim Harrison - so I figured as some members have already read her books, you may like to suggest some questions I can forward to Kim to answer. :) If so, do post your questions here, but please note I'll need them before...
  7. rune

    Kim Harrison

    I think she is a horror author, though I've not heard that much about her work. So thought i would post here and see if anyone else had read her books. Are they are combination of horror and fantasy? And are there any views of her books :)