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    Enemies and Allies-Kevin J. Anderson

    Enemies and Allies Kevin J. Anderson Morrow, May 5 2009, $26.99 ISBN: 9780061662553 In the 1950s, the Red Menace could be defined two ways: Communists or Martians. In that Cold War environs that could turn hot in a nanosecond, Clark Kent works as a reporter for the Daily Planet while patrolling...
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    The Edge of the World-Kevin J. Anderson

    The Edge of the World Kevin J. Anderson Orbit, Jun 2009, $14.99 ISBN 9780316004183 The war between the followers of the two Gods, Aiden and Urec, the sons of the creator, has been going on forever. Both nations have suffered from the constant battles and need for vigil. An inferno devastates...
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    Hellhole-Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

    Hellhole Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson Tor, Mar 15 2011, $25.99 ISBN 9780765322692 From the frontier aptly titled planet Hellhole, exiled rebel General Tiber Adolphus remains adamant with his opposition to the avarice plots of the Crown Jewel worlds and Diadem Michella Duchenet. He and...
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    The Nebula Awards Showcase 2011-Kevin J. Anderson (Editor)

    The Nebula Awards Showcase 2011 Kevin J. Anderson (Editor) Tor, May 24 2011, $17.99 ISBN: 9780765328427 This Nebula Award Showcase takes a different focus than previous collections as the six short story and six novelette nominations for the 2009 ballot are included in their entirety; while...
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    The Key to Creation-Kevin J. Anderson

    The Key to Creation Kevin J. Anderson Orbit, Jul 20 2011, $15.99 ISBN: 9780316004237 The Uraba and Tierra continue their war with both sides committing atrocities as the religious righteous led respectively by Soldan-Shah Omra and Queen Anjine demand fanatic obedience and the destruction of the...
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    Sisterhood of Dune-Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

    Sisterhood of Dune Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson Tor, Jan 3 2012, $27.99 ISBN 9780765322739 Over eight decades ago, humanity defeated the tyrannical sentient cybernetics at the key Battle of Corrin. Debate rages over the use of safe machines in the everyday lives of people. First...
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    Unnatural Acts-Kevin J. Anderson

    Unnatural Acts Kevin J. Anderson Kensington, Dec 24 2012. $15.00 ISBN: 9780758277367 Residents of the Unnatural Quarter work dead end jobs trying to eke out a living especially during the graveyard shift. A golem, who like his compatriots cannot read, enters the office of Chambeaux and Deyer...
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    Hair Raising-Kevin J. Anderson

    Hair Raising Kevin J. Anderson Kensington, Apr 30 2013, $15.00 ISBN: 9780758277381 In the Unnatural Quarter, Rusty the full-time werewolf hires zombie private investigator partner Dan Shamble of Chambeaux and Deyer (he being Chambeaux while Robin the African American lawyer is Deyer) to watch...
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    Kevin J Anderson - Is he any good?

    I am really keen to know if anyone here rates either the 'Saga of Seven Suns' or 'Terra Incognita' series. I really like sci-fi and fantasy and my favourite authours are S. Sonaldson, U. Le Guin, F. Herbert, I. Asimov, I. Welsh and P. K. Dick. I read two of the Dune 'prequels' as well as the...
  10. biodroid

    Kevin J Anderson

    I picked up The Edge of the World and it looks good but I see a lot of ppl complaining about KJA's writing. I read a few pages of it and it seemed fine to me. What do you reckon?
  11. Anthony G Williams

    Slan, and Slan Hunter, by A.E. van Vogt & Kevin J Anderson

    It is a very long time since I read Slan, one of the classic novels of the "golden age" of the 1940s which had a huge impact at the time, so when I learned that a sequel had been written I decided to read both. Slan is a far-future story set on Earth (with scenes on Mars towards the end) in...
  12. Werthead

    The Legends of Dune Trilogy by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert

    A review of this controversial prequel to the Dune novels.
  13. B

    Kevin Anderson's Seven Suns Saga - New cover art. GRRRR

    Even before Anderson's series is completed, they now have new cover art. I don't really mind the look of them, but it just doesn't jive with the existing ones. So, books 1-5 all maintain certain design, but then the last 2 books are going to look like they don't belong when their stacked with...
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    Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson

    Need to be banned from writing. That is all.
  15. Foxbat

    Hunters Of Dune

    Written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. For those of us that remember, Chapterhouse Dune ended on something of a cliff-hanger. Duncan and Sheeana stole the No-ship from Chapterhouse and headed off into the void. As always, only Duncan was aware of the old man and woman watching events...
  16. Foxbat

    Battle Of Corrin

    By Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson This book is the concluding part of the ‘Legends Of Dune’ trilogy. Along with its predecessors, ‘The Butlerian Jihad’ and ‘The Machine Crusade’. It sets out the origins of many aspects of the late Frank Herbert’s Dune Universe. Through this trilogy, we...