ken macleod

  1. Rumi_fan

    Did you read Ken MacLeod-The Night Sessions?

    If you read what do you think about it? I am reading right now i hope i can finish. I just wanted to read a sci-fi detective story.
  2. Vertigo

    Star Fraction by Ken MacLeod

    Disclaimer: I only managed to read half of this book before giving up. Star Fractions is set in a near future Balkanized United Kingdom broken up into multiple small anarchic and/or dystopian states each based around different political or religious doctrines, resulting largely from US/UN...
  3. Vertigo

    Newton's Wake by Ken MacLeod

    Newton’s Wake is set in a post singularity universe populated by a somewhat quirky collection of four different factions: America Offline – American farmers who escaped the ‘Hard Rapture’ largely due to their being almost entirely disconnected, and who still prefer to farm rather than get...
  4. Vertigo

    Engine City (book 3 of The Engines of Light) by Ken MacLeod

    Apart from the ending, I found Engine City to be the best of the three books in the Engines of Light trilogy; the ending, though, was just dreadful; a nonsensical let down. In fact it seems to suggest a fourth book but, since we’re now twelve years on from Engine City, that would seem unlikely...
  5. S

    Intrusion, Ken MacLeod

    27th July 2012 10:47 AM Ian Sales Intrusion, Ken MacLeod 2012, Orbit, 387pp, £18.99 Hope Morrison has refused – for reasons she can’t herself articulate – to take the Fix, a magic bullet taken by pregnant women to improve disease resistance, repair any genetic conditions, and generally...
  6. S

    The Restoration Game, Ken MacLeod

    22nd August 2010 11:57 AM Ian Sales The Restoration Game, Ken MacLeod Orbit, 303pp, £18.99 Where does the end of a story belong? At the start of a book or, well… does it belong at the end? If the narrative is the journey to that end, should the story open with the destination? Isn’t the...
  7. iansales

    Intrusion, Ken MacLeod

    Review of Ken's latest novel, Intrusion posted in the SFF Chrons review section Intrusion, Ken MacLeod
  8. C

    Ken Macleod

    any Macleod fans out there? I really like his work, especially the "Cosmonaut Keep" Series. If we ever do go to the stars I feel it may be something like he postulates, travelling in an instant but arriving many years later in real time. Why's it Scotsmen write such good SF, maybe the constant...
  9. Ian Whates

    Iain Banks, Ken MacLeod, Storm Constantine

    Just to alert everyone to a new convention, NewCon 4, being held over a weekend in October 2008, at Northampton. Guests of Honour: Iain Banks, Ken MacLeod and Storm Constantine plus Special Guest: Paul Cornell (novellist & TV scriptwriter for Dr. Who, Primeval & Torchwood) Many other...
  10. Connavar

    Ken MacLeod

    Which of his books or series do you think would be a good place to start to read him? The Star Fraction and Learning The World sounds interesting, if you have read them what you think of these two books?
  11. Mark Robson

    Questions for Ken MacLeod

    Ken MacLeod, 2006 Hugo award nominee for best novel (alongside GRRM to name one of the other 4), has agreed to an interview for Chronicles. If anyone has any questions that they would like to ask him, then fire away and I'll see to it that they are included. Anyone interested in his work might...
  12. SteveR

    Mini-book Review: Learning the World (Ken MacLeod)

    Mini-book Review: Learning the World (Ken MacLeod) Well this book is you basic first contact book. There is a very technologically advanced humanoid generation ship approaching a new world which the occupants believe is devoid of intelligent life. This new world however is in fact populated by...
  13. R

    Macleod, Ken- Comonaut Keep

    Synopsis On Earth the Russians have conquered Europe, and man has reached the asteroids. Somewhere else, Man is trying to decide how a squid works and what they have to do with space. ------------------------------------------------------ The copy I have has the inscription 'Prose sleek...
  14. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    Ken MacLeod - a fanboy raves

    Here's a little introductory piece on one of my favorite new SF authors that I've been bandying about: A lot of SF is rather conservative, for such a speculative genre. Golden Age SF fundamentally works on the premise of the best of liberal western democracy extending itself into the stars...
  15. T

    Ken Mcleod - The Cassini Division

    Picked this one up from the library a few weeks ago. I found it to be fairly entertaining, and very interesting from a social and political aspect - the future is apparently a confirmed communist state, although some capitalists survive outside of society in pockets of "non-co's". Added to...