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kelley armstrong

  1. A

    Living with the Dead-Kelley Armstrong

    Living with the Dead Kelley Armstrong Bantam, Nov 2008, $22.00 ISBN: 9780553806649 After her husband dies tragically, Robyn Peltier moves to Los Angeles and gets hired as an assistant to a celebrity Portia Kane; her immediate job is to clean up the woman’s image. At a luncheon Portia innocently...
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    Men of the Otherworld-Kelley Armstrong

    Men of the Otherworld Kelley Armstrong Bantam, Feb 2009, $22.00 ISBN 9780553807097 “Infusion”. In 1946 in New York City the Japanese bar maid abetted by two other sorceresses seduced Malcolm Danvers, who to his chagrin wanted her in spite of loathing the race following the war. He knows she is...
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    The Awakening-Kelly Armstrong

    The Awakening Kelly Armstrong Harper, Apr 28 2009, $17.99 ISBN: 9780061662768 Ever since the Edison Group genetically reengineered her (see THE SUMMONING), teen Chloe Saunders hr life is out of control. First there is the out of control “dark powers” of being able to raise the dead without...
  4. A

    Frostbitten-Kelley Armstrong

    Frostbitten Kelley Armstrong Bantam, Oct 2009, $26.00 ISBN 9780553806625 Werewolf pack enforcers and soulmates Elena Michaels and Clay Danvers pursue a visiting Aussie werewolf to warn him that two rogues have set him up to take the fall over half-eaten humans in the Pittsburgh area. Elena and...
  5. A

    Waking the Witch-Kelley Armstrong

    Waking the Witch Kelley Armstrong Dutton, Jul 27 2010, $25.95 ISBN 9780525951780 The three homicides in Columbus, Washington imply that a supernatural serial killer is on the loose. Portland, Oregon twenty-something witch Savannah Levine of Cortez-Winterbourne Investigations (one bolt would...
  6. A

    Spell Bound-Kelley Armstrong

    Spell Bound Kelley Armstrong Dutton, Jul 26 2011, $25.95 ISBN 9780525952206 Her DNA spells trouble for others as kick-butt twentyish six foot witch Savannah Levine takes no prisoners. However, she just worked her first paranormal case as a private investigator in Columbus, Washington (see...
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    Thirteen-Kelley Armstrong

    Thirteen Kelley Armstrong Dutton, Jul 24 2012, $26.95 ISBN: 9780525952831 The barriers that separate dimensions rapidly are vanishing. Creatures no one has seen before have crossed over to earth as the Supernatural Liberation Movement has used their powers to batter the earth and shake...
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    Sea of Shadows-Kelley Armstrong

    Sea of Shadows Kelley Armstrong HarperCollins, Apr 8 2014, $17.99 ISBN: 9780062071248 From their birth, twins Moria and Ashyn were respectively anointed as the Keeper and Seeker of Edgewood; considered the most dangerous spot in the Empire as spirits roam nearby due to proximity to the Forest...
  9. Ian Whates

    Kelley Armstrong, Tanith Lee... Here there be Vampires!

    Just to give everyone a heads up about a very special book being launched by NewCon Press at World Horror Con this March. The Bitten Word is a collection of all-new vampire stories by some of the best known authors in the genre plus some up-and-coming future stars, with front cover art by John...